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Domestic Adoption

Hello, Expectant Parent.

We are Robyn and Tim.  We met on a blind date, which we both think is hilarious.  You hear all these awful stories about blind dates, and bam, we fell in love.

We had been trying to have children for several years.  We both knew that we were meant to be parents and were ready for the journey.  You know how there is an aunt or uncle in every family that the kids just want to hang out with?  That is us on both sides of our family.  It never occurred to us that this may be a challenge.  After a long journey, we found out that Robyn’s body just doesn’t have many eggs and no eggs meant no baby.  After some pretty awful medical stuff, we decided no more and went through adoption.  We got the miracle call in January 2016, and have been reveling in parenthood ever since.

We have become the parents we always wanted to be.  Robyn takes Stella to swim lessons and out on weekend adventures to petting zoos and art classes while Tim is refinding the art of cuddling and watching movies.  Robyn’s parents are our primary day care, so every day, Tim takes Stella to what we call PawPaw Day Care.  Stella and Grandpa (and Grandma when she is off work) take daily walks, explore the garden he has built for her in the backyard, go to Gymbobee, and basically have fun all day.  Robyn and Tim take turns picking up our daughter for dinner and then it is play time until bath and bed around 8 pm. We have a solid routine down, and we are ready to change it up and welcome a brother or sister into our family. 

Robyn works full time, and Tim works a shorter schedule.  Robyn has her college education and has contemplated going back for her Masters in the next five years.  Tim works full time, but would prefer to reduce his hours to spend more time with the children. We feel good about this because our families are totally involved.  She is surrounded by people who love and cherish her all day, every day.

We live in a diverse community with kids of many backgrounds.  On any given day, if you go to the park about three blocks form our house, you can see children of all races and ages.  We are open to children of any race.  Robyn is Catholic, Tim is Christian, and we are raising our daughter in the Catholic faith.

With our daughter’s birth family, we committed to a semi open relationship with both of her birth parents.  We have kept our commitment to them, and it has grown into a more open relationship.  Her birth mother has told us that she appreciates receiving pictures but isn’t always great about responding.  So, about once every two months (holidays and birthdays especially), we send a few pictures their way.  We let them guide our relationship.  We hope to one day have visits with them, but both have told us that they aren’t ready yet. We try very hard to keep the lines of communication open with them, and would like to have a simliar or closer relationship in our next adoption.

Thank you for checking us out.

Tim and Robyn 

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