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Domestic Adoption


This is a very different letter to write because we don’t know you, but we are praying for you. We haven’t met you , but we are so excited for the possibility of meeting you and getting to form a relationship with you. We know that you are probably in a difficult season of your life that is full of decision making and pressure and we want to be an encouragement to you in whatever way we can. We are so encouraged that you are considering adoption as an option for you and your baby.

We have been married for six years but have known each other for over ten years- that’s a third of our lives! We were pretty amazed when we realized that because it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we met. I was working at a Christian bookstore and the best part of my job was being a story time lady for a group of preschoolers each week. My two favorite kids of the group were Jojo and Eli and one week their Uncle Tim brought them to story time. The boys were so excited that their Uncle Tim was with them that I thought he must be a nice guy! Now, over ten years later, here we are! And I was right, Tim is wonderful.

In our six years of marriage we have always wanted children and we left that up to God’s timing. About a year and a half ago the doctors told us that it was very unlikely that we would be able to conceive a baby. We had always wanted to pursue adoption and we took the doctor’s news as God’s direction to begin that journey. We have already seen God’s blessing and grown closer together.

We have a full and happy life together and we love to spend time with each other, our families and our friends. We are blessed to live near many of our family members and we are very close with them. We enjoy Thursday night Bible study together as well as Sunday lunches, movie nights, dinners, birthday celebrations and community events. We also have wonderful, strong friendships, some of which are life long and we are so grateful for all of the people in our lives. Everyone is also so excited with us about the possibility of us becoming parents someday and bringing a little one into the loving relationships we share.

Tim is a high school math teacher and baseball coach. I am a homemaker, which has been a wonderful blessing in our marriage and allows me to help Tim with grading and with score keeping at his baseball games. It also allows me to attend two women’s Bible studies during the week and be available to help our friends and family as needs pop up. We are involved in a small group from our church and a Bible study on Thursday nights that meets at Tim’s parents’ home. In our free time we enjoy doing creative projects, home improvement projects, being outdoors and listening to music together. One of our favorite hobbies lately is Tim playing guitar while I sing. Tim also enjoys playing hockey with some friends and playing softball on our church’s team.

We bought our house in 2014 and have spent school breaks and summers making it cozy and personalized to us. We are blessed to live in a quiet neighborhood with sweet neighbors on either side of us and we are minutes away from several parks as well as libraries, a museum and a historic downtown area where there are always community events going on. If God does bless us with a child, we are happy that I will be able to stay home with the child full time and that we can enjoy the activities around us as a family.

We are praying for you, that you would have clarity and peace as you consider your options. Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our profile book and get to know us a little bit.

With love,

Tim and Caitie