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Domestic Adoption

We are so happy you have chosen to read more about us! Please know that no matter what decision you make, we admire the love you have for your child and the courage it takes to learn about us.

We met as two young freshmen nervous about the new high school environment.  We quickly became best friends! After high school, we reconnected as college students and began dating. We married in 2015. Even after five years of marriage and two years of courtship, we still treasure our friendship most. After college graduation, Thomas found his calling as a police officer and Bailie works part-time as an attorney and stays home with our son, Caden, the rest of the week.

We were blessed tremendously with the adoption of our son, Caden, and we treasure the relationship we have with his birth parents and extended family.  We are so excited to grow our family and we know Caden will be the best big brother!

We are proud members of a local Lutheran church and we find great joy in regularly attending services. We hope to raise your baby to understand God's love for them and to understand how your sacrifice is one of the hardest and godliest things a parent can do for their baby.

We live in a three-bedroom home in a quiet neighborhood near where we grew up. Both of our sets of parents live fifteen minutes away and only one mile from each other.  We have three sisters, three brothers, one nephew, one niece, and seven cousins ranging in ages from 3 to 17. We value our family traditions more than almost anything!

Thank you for having the courage, strength and faith to consider adoption for your child.  We believe you must be a person of tremendous conviction and unconditional love to consider making such a brave decision for your child.  We pray for grace and peace for you throughout this process!

Thomas, Bailie and Caden

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