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Domestic Adoption


I hope this letter is easier for you to read than it is for us to write. We know you love your baby so much because you are open to trusting a couple like us to raise and love your child as much as you do right now. We do not know you yet, but we know there is a lot of anxiety before making a difficult decision. We hope you are in a situation where you have the support of friends and family and we pray that you feel a peace when you are led to make your decision.

My wife and I met in 2011 after I obtained my master’s degree and she was finishing up hers. We both knew early on that we were in love, we committed to a long life together, and we hoped to have children as soon as we were able. We even discussed our openness to adoption before we were married. We tried to have children for several years, though after a long process of infertility treatments, we found out we would not be able to have children. It is incredibly heartbreaking to go into much detail, but it has led us here and we are trying to be patient for the moment we get to be parents.

We live outside a mid-sized town in North Carolina, it has a small town feel but there are more than enough attractions and adventures around us. It is hard not to enjoy being outdoors in NC where we can go hiking almost year-round, and we take several trips to the beach each year (Terry’s favorite place). We own a Cape Cod style home with 3 bedrooms and a large open yard where we often entertain with friends for holidays, cookouts, and Church activities. Terry has a Corporate career that provides well, he leads a bible study out of our home, volunteers for projects through the Church often, and runs 5ks to stay in shape. Jessica is a Mental Health Counselor and has always enjoyed her job but is looking forward to staying at home to raise our baby. She is incredible at putting together entertaining events for friends and family. Spending quality time with people that we care about is important to us and we are blessed with really good friends and family.

We do want you to know we have already been praying for you and your child, knowing that God has the best situation picked out for all of us. We are similar in that we both have a lot of uncertainty and anxious expectations. We want you to know we hope to be as understanding and encouraging to you as possible in your situation now and throughout your entire life. We want to be supportive of your decision should you wish little or no contact, or if you are willing to have an open relationship where you can be a part of your child’s life and see them grow, see photos, or even be in photos through the child’s life. We care about you and your future.

Sincerely and with blessings, Terry & Jessica

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