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Domestic Adoption



Hello, we are Shelby and Monica!

It is a pleasure to meet you! First, we want to thank you for taking time to learn more about us and our story. We have had adoption on our hearts even before we met and are excited for it to be part of our future!

Shelby’s grandmother introduced us in 2019, and we were married in January 2021 after about a year of dating. We were very intentional during our engagement to seek counsel to give our marriage the best start we could and believe it has paid off. Our marriage is strong and peaceful for many reasons, firstly being because of Jesus Christ’s work in our lives and having a thriving Christian community around us. We also make it a point to find things we enjoy doing together such as dance classes and game nights. We love spending time together, whether it be new adventures or quiet nights at home. We are excited to share that love with a child too!


We live in a quiet neighborhood in Springfield, Missouri. It’s not uncommon to see kids riding bikes and playing outside. The Ozarks region has beautiful outdoor spaces. Getting away for the weekend to camp is one of our favorite things. Springfield is diverse with many cultures coming together too! There are several multicultural festivals hosted each year in the city. 


Both sides of our extended family are excited to welcome a new addition! Monica has three siblings and six nieces and nephews. Her family loves to gather for game days. They are also always willing to help each other with projects, as inevitably one of them is working on a home renovation that could use extra hands.We love that her family is always there to encourage and support each other. Shelby has one sibling and two nieces. His parents and sister’s family all live near Springfield, so it’s easy to grab a meal together or go to one of his nieces’ band concerts or sporting events. 


Both of our families have a deep background of valuing family time, and spending that quality time as a family is something we want to pass on. We also value our faith and being part of a church community, and we hope our child will as well. We are excited to share our love for nature, games, and music with our child! While we don’t have a strict parenting philosophy we’re planning to follow, we hope to encourage our child to have confidence in themselves and their abilities and to treat all living beings with respect. 


Thank you for getting to know us! We are thrilled to be welcoming a child into our lives and can’t wait to love and care for them. We know having you in their life is very important. We want you to know we are excited to get to know you and for you to be part of our lives too!


All our best, 

Shelby & Monica Dowler


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