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Domestic Adoption

It is hard to believe we are finally here, writing this letter to you. We are grateful for the courage and love you have shown as you carry your child and navigate what you feel is best for their future. Through the difficult decisions you have to make, we hope it brings you peace to know we are praying for you everyday, we support you, and we already love you, and your baby. We met in kindergarten, dated in high school, got married at 19, and 20, and have been married for 14 incredible years. Seth owns a construction company and Rebecca has a salon in our home, where she works a few days a week as a hairstylist. We always wanted kids, and knew adoption would be a part of our forever family. We have 2 biological children, Tavien (7) and Nyah (4) They can’t wait for a baby of their own to love, they currently are obsessed with the babies around us.  We live in Nebraska and enjoy all the season changes, but we LOVE the beach and sunshine. We enjoy taking family vacations to explore new places together. We also enjoy spending time on land we own about 45 minutes from our house where we can hunt, fish and camp. Rebecca loves all things holistic and natural and is always learning new ways to support our family. Seth is usually doing something adventurous, active or building/fixing things around our house. Last year when Tave started kindergarten we chose to do a private hybrid school where he goes to school 2 days a week gets to experience all the fun school things and we home school the other days. We love the flexibility it gives us during the week and also the extra quality time we have together, it is so fun to help our kids learn and grow. He loves anything outside (it is never to hot or cold for him), motorized, audio books, or anything he can climb. Nyah loves playing with baby dolls, helping mom in the kitchen, pretending to be hairstylist, and playing with her brother. We also love down time at home, family movie night, reading books, playing in the yard, riding bikes, working out, gardening, park dates with friends or cousins, cooking healthy meals, working on construction projects. We have amazing family and friends that have supported, encouraged, and prayed for us as we have prepared and waited to adopt. Our parents help care for our children on the one day of the week we both are working, it is the highlight of their week and they can’t wait to add another grandbaby through the gift of adoption. Our church has also been a great support, we have been able to learn from many other families that have adopted and/or fostered. We value culture and would love to incorporate diversity into our family. There was never a question IF adoption would be part of our family, just WHEN. We know God's timing is perfect and we are trusting Him every step of the way. We want you to know, You have been covered in prayer before you even knew you were pregnant. Our hearts keep growing with more love the longer we have been on this journey, we are FOR YOU as our baby's first momma, and we are grateful you are taking the time to learn about our family. Our prayer is that you would feel fully supported and we would love to have a role in that, that you would be safe and know how loved you already are. We look forward to getting to know you. Our desire is to have an open relationship, and we respect what feels comfortable to you. We would love to talk about what you hope that looks like,  If that is letters, pictures, phone calls or visits we look forward to navigating that together. -Seth and Becca *click on the tab above to watch our video & get to know us more. You can also check out our Instagram - to see current pictures and videos of our family  @sethandbecca_hopingtoadopt

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  1. Becca’s dad has always been such a hard worker, owning several businesses and working long hours to support our family. He is recently retired is enjoying every minute of it. He is such an involved gpa playing games, reading books, and LOVES taking the grandkids on “dates” to have time one on one. Today was Nyah’s first time! She laid out every piece of her outfit and had specific instructions how she wanted her hair done(perks of a mom that is a hairstylist). Their plans were the zoo and chick-Fil-a🥰

  2. Tavien won the 1st grade prize for February “Rad reading challenge” at his school. He loves audiobooks and podcasts. He read/listened for 58hours (that we tracked 😅). They announced the winners at chapel today, We are so proud of him!


    We (Seth & Becca) got to get away on a trip to Mexico just the 2 of us to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. Grandpa and Grandma stayed with the kids while we were gone- they brought them to the airport way past bedtime the night we got home so we could see them ASAP it was the best welcome home ❤️

    Becca and Nyah attended a dance performance called “Eve” telling the story of Eve from the Bible through dance. We went with Becca’s mom, 2 sisters and nieces. It was a fun girls night!

    Seth and Tave at “Dudes and Donuts” At Tave’s school - the dads get to take the kids to school and stay to eat donuts and then attend chapel together.