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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mama, We are beyond words as we contemplate your courageous and difficult decision that you have made. We have prayed for you, for baby, and for the adoption process as a whole for everyone to be overwhelmed with peace in each step. We believe God is in full control and is near to you, and has led you to this moment. We pray He continues to meet you in each step of the way as we know He is the only way to move forward no matter what life brings. We met in 2013 through a mutual friend at Camp Ozark, (Leigh Ann was Sean's boss for a few months - ha!) and we hit it off immediately! By 2015 we were engaged and married! Simply put, we are best friends! We love to be together, whether at movies, reading books, playing outside with Chief (our fur child), traveling, or hanging with friends and family. We had lived in Austin for about 8 years until recently when we moved to Sean's hometown, Wimberley, Texas where we are building our dream home for our growing family. In Wimberley, we have multiple family members in the neighborhood, friends nearby, good schools, and many outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, biking, and only the best sunsets. It's a perfect little town to raise kids! We have always known that we would be parents and God has given us this path to you! We could not be more thrilled and in full belief His plans are better than our own. Leigh Ann comes from a family of 4 in a small town near Galveston, Tx where most of her extended family still resides. These people are the most loving, most supportive family and have been a large part of encouragement and excitement for the adoption process. Sean comes from a large family of 7, some in Austin, but most in Wimberley, and the matriarch "Super L" is the best. She lives in the home adjacent to the lot where our new home will be built. There are multiple cousins on both sides of our families, so our child will have many friends that are family to play with, explore the world with, and learn from. We hope to meet you and hear your story in person! We hope to relay the immense amount of love you have for this child in making a tough decision for them. We would love to share updates, pictures, and visits with you as baby grows up. Even if we don't meet, know you are so loved by us and by God! He is with you always and we pray that He gives you peace and comfort. With Love, Sean, Leigh Ann & Chief

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