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Domestic Adoption

Hello! We’re Scott and Josie.

We met in October 2009 at a small group for college age singles at church and quickly bonded over our love for Christ and passion for history. We married January 29th, 2011 and have loved growing closer together every day.

Scott is an accountant and loves coaching people on how to manage the financial resources God has blessed them with for His glory. He is also passionate about WWI and WWII history and has been a baseball fanatic since he was very young. He looks forward to taking our son and future children to baseball games as they get older.

Josie is a stay at home mom, which has been her dream since she was a little girl. She enjoys reading, singing, listening to music, and knitting.

Josie has known for as long as she can remember that she wouldn’t be able to conceive or carry a biological child. We discussed this while we were dating and decided that adoption was the way God wanted us to build our family.

We started our adoption journey in July 2014. After waiting and waiting on God’s perfect timing, we were blessed to bring our son Derek home from Hong Kong on September 23rd, 2017. He is a silly, giggly, loving boy who is OBSESSED with cars, music, and dancing.  We can’t imagine our lives without him and are eternally grateful that God picked us to be his parents.

However, we don’t want Derek to be an only child. Both of us have siblings (1 brother for Scott, 2 brothers and 2 sisters for Josie) and we wanted Derek to have that experience as well. We are close to our families (Josie is especially close to her extended family), and we’ve enjoyed seeing how quickly and openly they’ve accepted Derek into our family. We know they will love any future children God blesses us with just as much.

As a family, we like going to church, taking walks with our Mini-Goldendoodle Ziva, and Family Movie Night. Our goal is  to travel to various historical sites around the country and show our children how amazing this nation truly is.

We keep Derek’s birth culture a part of who he is by learning and speaking Cantonese where/when we can and celebrating Chinese New Year and other Hong Kong holidays as well as exposing him to other cultures in our racially diverse community and church.

We would honor our other children’s birth cultures as well by continuing to build friendships with people of different racial backgrounds and finding them a cultural mentor.

We are open to phone calls, texts, video chatting, visits, emails, or whatever form of contact you’re most comfortable with.

Thank you for getting to know us a little better. We will be praying you have confidence as you make the decision you feel is best for you and the precious  one you’re carrying.