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Domestic Adoption


I’m sure this feels a little bit like speed dating…ok, you have five minutes to decide if you like this family, then on to the next one…and GO! Well, you don’t know us (yet), but we are Ryan and Tina, and we know that if this match is supposed to be right, it will be. In all seriousness though, we know the decisions you have before you are difficult. We pray that as you read our profile book and watch our video, you can clearly see our love for God, our desire to grow our family, and our heart for adoption, and hopefully it makes your decisions a little bit easier.

First, you’re probably wondering why we want to adopt. The main reason is that we want a big beautiful family! We have not experienced any infertility issues, but because I (Tina) am an Air Force aviator, being pregnant means that I have to take a year off of flying, which isn't great for my career. After having talked about adoption for years, God has made it clear that there is no better time than now. We LOVE being parents! Our daughter Scarlett just turned three in April 2021, and we are so looking forward to seeing her become a big sister. We’re not sure what it looks like now, but we know that God does everything for a reason. Because He has put adoption on our hearts at this time, we know that the child He has picked for our family has purpose and that this sweet baby’s life was a part of His master plan from the beginning, just like our Scarlett. 

Us: All our family is back home in Indiana, and we cherish our visits with them every Christmas and several other times throughout the year. We were both born and raised in the quaint little town of Anderson, where we met and fell in love over half my life ago…literally 17 years. It’s been an awesome ride, and we’re so excited about adding more kids to the mix! 

Home: I am an Air Force pilot and Ryan is recently separated from the Air Force and is an aircraft mechanic. We both love what we do and are so thankful to be settled in careers that we love. We just moved to Louisiana this year, but we are hoping to be here for quite some time. We just bought our dream house and are very much looking forward to raising our family here! 

Music: We love to sing, play, and listen to music together. Ryan plays on the worship team at church wherever we live, and I was raised in a marching-band-loving family, and we love to sing (not just in the shower lol). We always sing a few songs to Scarlett before bed, including You Are My Sunshine and The Doxology

For us, family is the most important thing. From how we were both raised to how we choose to spend our holidays, and what we want our future to look like…all of it is built around family. We’re fun, and more than a little crazy, but we love Jesus and we want to share all He has given us with more children. We want you to know that we are praying for peace and wisdom for you in the decisions you are facing. God has proven His faithfulness to us over and over again, and we pray you experience His love and faithfulness as well.


Ryan and Tina 

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  1. After completing pilot training, Tina had the honor of being featured in this news article! Take a look and see what type of role models Tina and Ryan could be for your child if you matched with them!

  2. Update: we bought and airplane! Because we are in the military, one of the more difficult things for us about making open adoption and visits a regular thing was the convenience of traveling. Well, we have found a solution! Because Tina is a pilot and Ryan is an airplane mechanic, truly the best solution is having an airplane of our own that we can take across the country whenever we want! We are so thrilled to announce this, and we hope this shows our commitment to maintaining an open relationship, because that’s what we as humans were made for. It’ll be fully up and ready to fly in March, and we’re looking forward to seeing where it takes us!