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Domestic Adoption


We're Ryan, Erin, and Sully. We wish we were in the room with you right now as you're weaving through profiles full of so much information all while facing such difficult decisions. We would shake your hand (or maybe even exchanging hugs if that's your style) and share the stories in this book from our own voices with you in person. While we don't know your story, it's a funny feeling writing this because we've thought a lot about you and the time when God would have our paths cross.

Our story as a couple began in college (at a horse race in the pouring rain!) and we were married in 2011 in our church followed by a relaxed outdoor (but again rainy!) reception. Sullivan Louise, who is our biological child, was born bright and early on a spring day in 2015. We tried for three years to grow our family until we were officially diagnosed with secondary infertility. You see - Erin's ovaries decided to turn into old ladies early, as she puts it. 🙂 Over the years there were lots of tears, low points, and looking at friends having baby after baby and wondering "Why us?". We see now though that this was just God's plan moving forward as He intended because now here we are chatting with you.

Adoption is the next part of our story, this we're certain. Two of Sully's cousins (there are 14 of them total!) are adopted and we knew immediately upon finding out about our secondary infertility that adoption was the path for us, we didn't even begin to venture down any other avenues. Our family and friends aren't surprised by our decision and are all so very, very excited for us to bring home our second child. We can't wait to fill our home which has a swing set in the back yard, the beach only 5 minutes away, and our historic downtown only 10 minutes away with more pattering feet!

We have longed to grow our family for awhile now and to share our love of travel, cooking, beach trips, relaxed family days in our home with our pups, and even a spontaneous dance party or two. Whether our children like to golf with Daddy or jog and do yoga with Mommy, we look forward to sharing a fun and active lifestyle full of adventure with them. And whether they want to pursue working with numbers in the financial world like Ryan or the creative world of marketing for small businesses like Erin does with the company she owns, we want our children to know and appreciate hard work.

Ultimately though, giving our children a healthy and happy home where they always know our immense love, but God's even bigger love, is our top priority. I hope by the time you reach the last page of this book you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we can provide this life for all our children.

With love and faithfulness,

Ryan, Erin, and Sully

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