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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mother, Shew! We can only imagine the incredibly hard decisions you are making and the roller coaster of emotions that go along. We are grateful that you are here, reading about us! Since before we got married, we knew that we would grow our family through love and adoption is one of the ways we wanted to do that. We have one biological son that is 6 years old. After the emotional and physical pain of a hysterectomy for Christy, we decided that adoption is where our hearts and God are leading us. We are stronger as a family and stronger in our faith from our trials. We are excited for this next chapter to raise our children to enjoy life and love others. We are a fun loving, close-knit family wanting to match with a birth mother to grow our family in love. We see growing our family with the baby AND our birth mother. Our birth mother will forever be a part of our story and her child's story, and we want to honor that as best we can. Our son can't wait to be a big brother - he tells everyone about his "baby" that will join our family someday. He's well aware of our adoption journey as he too is an integral part. We love all sorts of activities - lake life, pool days, movie nights with pizza on a blanet in the family room, traveling, and being with family. We just love to make memories surrounded by those who mean most to us in life. Birth Mother, we pray for you daily. How do we put into words the love that we feel for two people that we don't even know yet - you and your child.  We feel honored that you are taking the time to get a glimpse inside our family. We wish you the best, whatever you decide. We just can't thank you enough for considering us as worthy parents for your child! XO, Christy + Ryan

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  1. Hello! Lots has been going on the past 2 years in our family. Ryan is still loving serving our community as an insurance agent. Christy has been promoted in her career and has found fun in volunteering at Harrison’s school/sports events. Harrison has changed the most! He is in 1st grade, gotten very tall, lost 2 teeth, become an avid reader, taken the soccer field by storm, and continues to ask about becoming a big brother. He melted our hearts when he brought home his “Love and Care List,” including his best friends, his future sibling, and you. Birth Mother, know that we talk about you and your future child every day in our house.

  2. More Facts About Us
    Ryan is bilingual – he studied Spanish since he was 8 years old, even through college!
    Christy is one foot shorter than Ryan.
    Harrison loves to bust out his dance moves when he hears a good beat. The Kidz Bop station is playing a lot around our house.