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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parent, Hi! We’re Richard and Faith. We’d truly love to meet you in person sometime soon, and make a more personal connection, but for now we’re writing to let you know a bit about our family and why we’re hoping to adopt. Thank you for reading and taking the time to learn about us - we know this is a very difficult time for you. It’s been said that “opposites attract”, and in some ways that’s true for us. Richard’s from England and lived in many different places, but Faith is from Florida and spent her whole childhood there. Richard is the oldest of five kids, but Faith is the youngest of four! Our personalities are quite different too – Faith is more extroverted but she’s also a little shy, while Richard has a quiet personality but can also make friends with anyone. Richard is a scientist and loves studying the weather, but Faith is more practical and loves music, cooking, and photography. We have two daughters, Fiona (8) and Carys (6), and while we see ourselves in them, they are also so different from each other. Carys has a generous and fun-loving spirit and is super-creative; she loves art and crafts, and she adores animals. Fiona is more serious-minded, always planning ahead, and she loves to be in charge, but she can be headstrong like Richard. Both of the girls adore Faith’s parents and spend a lot of time with them (we live just a few minutes from Faith’s parents). So why are we hoping to adopt? The biggest reason is that we believe we have been adopted into God’s family, and we want to reflect the same love that God has shown to us. We are not a perfect family and we don’t have a perfect marriage, but God has surrounded us with his love! So our hearts are eager to do the same. Our desire is to not only welcome a new child into our family but to have an open relationship with you, the birth parent, if that is your desire as well. We hope we’ll have a chance to see you in person soon and talk more about all of this. Although we’ve never met you, we love you, we want the best for you, and we pray that you’ll have deep and lasting peace as you make a decision for your child’s future. With love and best wishes, Richard and Faith

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