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Domestic Adoption


We are David and Lori; this is the hardest letter we’ve ever had to write, because we know that in this moment you are in the midst of making some tough decisions for you and the child growing inside of you.

Lori and I met back in 2006 and after two years of dating, we got married in 2008. Trying so very hard to have a family of our own and after four failed IVF’s, we decided to explore the world of adoption in order to start our family. Both, Lori and I grew up in very close families, which deepens our desire to raise a child together. It’s been very hard for us, to be honest, and there’s nothing more we wish than to start a family.

We call Orange County, Southern California our home. With Lori’s overnight work and my working mostly from home, the child will have constant care from one or both of us where we do not have to rely on external support such as a nanny. We do plan on providing him/her with the best education possible, which will likely start with private school with one option being the local church we attend. He/she is going to be our absolute, number one priority, above anything else.

Currently, I work as an area sales leader for the largest hotel chain in the world with over 6,500 hotels. Lori originally went to school to become a flight attendant but ended up in the hotel industry as well and works as the night manager at one of the largest hotels in California. One of the things that we share is our love for travel. Despite our somewhat opposite schedules, we spend a lot of time together and thoroughly enjoy going to new places or traveling to new destinations. We plan on introducing a child to the world of travel at a very young age.

We are looking forward to meeting you and to going on this journey together with you. The child’s best interest being in the center of all our hearts and minds, we would like to do our part in providing the best life a child could possibly have. Lori and I are also willing to maintain a relationship with you after the baby is born. If you select us as parents, we would be happy to send you pictures and letters to let you know what he/she is doing at each age. We would even consider a more open relationship if you are comfortable with that. Of course, we also want to respect your privacy and the life ahead of you.

We wish you the best, whatever you decide. Knowing how difficult of a time in your life this is, we do care and will keep you in our hearts and prayers.

David & Lori

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