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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parents,

We write this letter full of emotions. We know you have a big decision to make, and are praying for the best for yourself and your child. Please know we respect and honor you as you work towards your decision. We hope this letter will give you a glimpse of our lives. We live in beautiful southern Indiana. We have been married for 8 years. We have known each other for over 23 years. We became great friends in elementary school having no clue we would end up together forever. We have 2 girls Ellie age 6, and Lilly age 3. Ellie is a loving, sensitive, and nurturing big sister. Lilly is full of energy, funny, and affectionate. Both our girls are looking forward to having a new sibling. We pray for their new sibling every night. Faith, family, and fun are the foundation of our home. We all love adventure and to be outside. A normal weekend for us will include a hike, playground visit, biking, or swimming. We also love trips to the zoo, kids gym, and local children’s museum. We love to travel to the beach two times a year.  We are involved in various roles at our church, and attend weekly. We have an extended family that is excited and ready to love another child. Most of our extended family lives within 15 miles. We are blessed to enjoy at least one big family dinner a week.

Adoption has been on our hearts and a desire of ours since we were married. Adoption is beautifully represented by Jesus Christ as he adopts us into the family of God. Phillip did not know either of his biological parents. He hopes this history of adoption, and his experience will be of help to our adopted child. Incorporating our child's culture and ethnicity is important to us. We want to not only accept the child's culture we adopt, but to weave it into who we are as a family. We also want to enter the adoption with an attitude of openness for you. We are hoping to have an open adoption, but will respect whatever you decide is best. This could be letters and photos, phone and video calls, to visits and making you a part of our extended family. We know this is a very difficult decision and time in your life. We care and are willing to help. We pray God blesses you, and you feel his peace in whatever you decide.

Sincerely, Phil and Katie

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