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Domestic Adoption

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The first and most important thing we want you to know is that God loves you, and so do we. We have the deepest respect for you and your role in your child’s life. The emotions and decisions you face are sure to be harder than anything we could understand or imagine.

We hope that this letter will help you learn about us and our deep desire to become parents through adoption. Our names are Paul and Grace.  We grew up in upstate South Carolina, and though we love to travel we have never wanted to leave this area. With both extended families mostly still living nearby, we anticipate staying here forever.

Our paths first crossed when we studied Chemical Engineering at Clemson University. Although we had classes together, we did not actually meet until 1.5 years after we graduated. It didn’t take long to realize that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, and we were married on March 11, 2017. We have loved our first years of marriage and look forward to many, many more.

Right now we do not have children, but we do long to be parents. We have 3 nieces and 1 nephew who live nearby, and we enjoy babysitting often, including overnight visits. We even had the opportunity to take our oldest niece Erica (age 6) with us on a week-long family beach vacation last year.

Growing up, Grace’s best friend had an adopted brother, and Paul became interested in adoption while in college. Even as an engaged couple we discussed adoption, and it was our hope that one day we would adopt a child. For the past 3 ½ years we prayed that God would either send us a child or open the doors to adopt. Both of us believe that He is calling us to pursue adoption now.

Several families in our church have adopted children, and we are thankful that our child’s future friends will have their own adoption stories. We have worked hard to prepare our hearts and our home for a family, and we are open to welcoming a child of any ethnicity. Our niece Erica is half Puerto Rican, and some close friends have adopted a child of African American descent.  It is our desire to honor the heritage of our child, including whatever role their birth parents choose to play in their life.

As you experience this overwhelming process to make decisions for your child, we pray for God to provide you with strength and peace. May you know the reality of his presence and his great love.

With prayers and blessings,

Paul and Grace