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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

Giving your child for another to care for is a very brave thing to do.  Whether or not you would like that to be us, we appreciate and love you.  As you face this difficult decision, pray for guidance, as we will be praying for you.

We are Tracie and Patrick.  We met in online message boards some 17 years ago.  We chatted all the time and got along so well, I (Tracie) invited Patrick to a Halloween party my roommate and I were having in 2004.  Though Patrick lived a four hour drive away, he came.  We started dating two months after that and were engaged three years later.  In the winter of 2008 we were married.

I have wanted to adopt since I was young.  I believe God has placed it on my heart.  As Patrick and I were dating, he came to share my desire.  We had planned on having biological children as well, but God’s plans were different.  In 2014, we started infertility tests, but they came up with nothing.  No one knew why we weren’t getting pregnant.  We agreed that instead of spending all our money trying to put a biological child into the world, we would spend that money on loving and parenting children already in, or on their way into, the world.

We are both from the friendly midwest, I from Chicago and Patrick from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  We now live in sunny California where I can take film classes.  Patrick is a Senior Designer for an engineering firm, and I am a substitute teacher.

Our favorite things to do together are hiking, going to plays and musicals, traveling, going to the movies, and visiting with family and friends.  We both come from musical backgrounds; Patrick was in show choir, and I played violin and viola from the age of ten.  Patrick has always been involved in sports, and I have always loved learning other languages.  We intend on teaching our child two languages from infancy (I speak French) and encouraging them in sports and music.

We both grew up in societies where people of all races were welcomed into our lives.  We embrace different races and cultures and welcome the chance to honor our child’s heritage and culture.

We both have large, fun families who are very excited for our adoption journey.  We have six nieces and nephews, one of which we are even godparents for.

Our relationship has survived long-distance dating, infertility struggles, moving cross country, and many things in-between, and we are still as in love as ever.  We want to adopt because this isn’t just our story.  It is everyone’s story, and we want to write in it.

With Love and Sincerity,

Tracie and Patrick


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