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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthmother, Thanks for taking the time to learn about our family. We know you are in the process of making a tough decision with your baby. We don't claim to know what the best decision is, but we are praying for you, that it will be the best decision for you and your baby. We are thankful that you have considered adoption as a possibility and know that we are humbled and thankful that you are looking at our profile and would possibility grant us the honor of raising your precious child that we will love as our own! So who are we?! Let us tell you a little about ourselves.  Maryem is 36 years old and comes from a middle eastern family. She grew up in  "the big city" of Chicago. She's quite extroverted, loves spending time with many people, pouring her life into friends and family, as well as strangers. She is the best mother I could of ever asked for and loves staying at home with our kids. I am certain she will continue to be a wonderful mother with any additional children God would grant us.  And I,(Nathan) am 34 years old and grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky. I currently work as doctor in Oklahoma with flexibility in my schedule to enjoy family time!  My favorite thing is my life besides being married to Maryem is being a dad! I am more introverted yet enjoy close relationships with friends and family, as well as meeting new people. Luckily for me, Maryem's family left the big city when she was a teenager and she ended up going to Western Kentucky University. That's where we met. Maryem was working with international students, helping them learn English and navigate life in the United States. I joined on to help as well. We became friends over the next couple of years and married a year after we starting dating ( which was the summer before I started medical school. We have been married for 10 1/2 years and it keeps getting better!! About 3 years later, God blessed us with our first son. He is currently in the first grade. He is such a gift and a sweet spirit! He is very people-oriented! He prays for another brother or sister on a regular basis and can't wait for another sibling!  After medical school, we moved to Oklahoma for residency program that focuses on serving those less fortunate than ourselves. During that time we had our second son. He's a little rock-very headstrong and stubborn, but also very loyal, full of energy and always up for an adventure. He is constantly asking us when we will adopt!!!  (Can you tell our kids are so excited?!) A couple years later and after finishing residency, our daugther was born. She is very girly and loves babies and is eagerly awaiting a baby! What do we enjoy? We love spending time with friends and family! We are very involved in our local church where there are tons of kids from different ethnicity and backgrounds. We live on a little less than an acre of land and the kids love playing on the tree house (built by Nathan), the creek, swings, riding bikes, you name it! We have made frequent trips to parks, hiking trails, zoo, children's museums, and the aquarium in our city! Most of all, we love playing with our cousins and friends. We love traveling and our kids have already visited more than 5 states each and hopefully more as time goes on!  The boys have been on a medical mission trip with us to Honduras which was super fun! What we desire?! We have had a desire to adopt since we were engaged (almost 12 years now)!  We both have a love for children and deep desire to grow our family through adoption. After having 3 c-sections, Maryem's uterus is too thin to carry anymore and we believe that is God's way of showing us His timing. We are "adopted" into His family and He sees us as His sons and daughters. His love has overflowed into our lives and is continuing to flow through us so much so that we would count it such a joy and honor to raise another precious child!   We are loved so much by our Heavenly Father that we are humbled to be able to show that love to another child God would place in our family. We truly are honored that you are looking at our book and we pray that God would grant you the desires of your heart as you look to him and He would grant you peace, comfort, and direction as you walk down this path.

With much gratitude,

Nathan and Maryem

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you want more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at 866-832-3678