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Domestic Adoption

Hi there, We're Nate and Ruth! We haven't met you, and it's possible we may not meet. We've never been in your shoes, expecting a baby and unsure of what the future might hold. If we're honest, we have no idea what you might be feeling, but if you're reading this letter then it's clear that you are wise, loving, brave and strong. No matter what you decide in this process, we pray that you would know how loved you and your baby are. Life can take us down so many roads that are unexpected and scary, but we believe beauty can come from the darkest of times. We are praying for you and have been for years!


We met about 5 years ago while camping with friends and running a trail race. We've always loved doing outdoor activities together like running, biking, swimming, and hiking.  Nate works in Sales, and Ruth works in Project Management (Ruth plans to stay home full-time with our children). Nate is kind, gentle and intelligent. He loves to read, mountain bike, and spend time with family/friends. Ruth is driven, outgoing and very social. She loves working out, playing with our nieces and nephews, and writing.  We both love God, and our faith has been our rock as we've walked through different seasons of life.


Adventure has been a large part of our lives over our 3 plus years of marriage. We love to travel together and try new things. We love being on the go! We moved from Chicago to Utah so we could be close to the mountains and live near Ruth's brother, sister-in-law, and their 3 children. That adventure opened our eyes to our desire to have children. We quickly found out that it is impossible for us to have biological kids. Due to a genetic disorder, we'll never be able to conceive. While our hearts were saddened, we trust God's plans. We have always wanted to adopt a child and expected to grow our family through adoption one day even if we had biological children. God just sped up our plans!


Our families are so excited for us to start a family through adoption. They have been our biggest supporters, and we believe they always will be. We live down the street from Ruth's brother and his family. We see them multiple times a week for fun activities! Both of our parents are frequent visitors to our home. Family is a huge part of our life, and we love going on trips with our siblings and parents as often as we are able.


Depending on your comfort level, we would like to have an open relationship with you. We will communicate with you as little or as much as you desire. We would love to get to know you, spend time with you, and include you in our family. We'll respect any decision you make. No matter what you decide, please know you are so loved. God has great and mighty plans for your life.

Love, Ruth and Nate Check out our adoption profile here!