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Domestic Adoption

Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile. We can’t imagine the mix of emotions that you must be feeling right now. What we are confident in is that you are reading this letter right now because your number one priority is ensuring that your child has the best life possible. If you decide to move forward with choosing someone else to parent your child, we hope that you would consider us as those parents.

A little bit of background on us… we met through church in 2014 and quickly became best friends. After a year of friendship, we began dating and were married in 2016. There were a few things that we were certain of right off the bat; we loved to travel, we enjoyed a variety of events and activities together, and we wanted to be parents and enjoy all of these things with a family. After a couple years of trying, we had doctors confirm that we each had fertility issues. It became very clear to us that God was guiding us toward adoption.

Adoption is something that is already very much a part of our lives. I (Nate) am the oldest of four adopted children. I was an open adoption with extended family. My sister was an open adoption through an agency. My two brothers were closed adoptions through the state. Being adopted is something that we wear with a badge of pride. We love our parents, and we love our birth parents for loving us so much that they chose to prioritize a better life for each of us than they felt they could provide.

As we began to share with friends and family about our journey to becoming parents, we were so relieved to find out how many people within our extended families, friends, and community at church also had infertility issues and/or had gone through the adoption process. We feel incredibly supported through this and are confident that our child will grow up in a supportive and loving environment as well.

Lastly, we want you to know that we are praying for you. Whether you choose to parent your child or match with us or another family, I pray that God shows you the right path forward and brings you peace in your decision making.

Thanks again for looking through our profile!

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