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Domestic Adoption

Hi, we haven't met yet and we may never meet, but before you read through our information we want you to know that we've prayed for you. We prayed over this profile and for all the women who will read it. We pray still that God would give you wisdom and help you with the difficult decisions you're trying to make!

We can only imagine the daunting task of looking through all these profiles, so to help, we've tried to be as authentic as possible. Honestly, our life isn't perfect and we aren't perfect people, but we do strive daily to follow God, and we believe that we have a lot to offer another child.

A bit about us:

- Mike is a family medicine doctor at an outpatient clinic in Greenville, SC. He loves getting to know his patients and helping them improve their health. During his free time he loves spending time with our son, doing things outdoors, reading, and traveling!

- Jen is a violinist and stay-at home mom. She used to teach private lessons to over 50 violin and viola students, but decided to stay home full-time about a year ago. She still plays violin in her trio and in the church praise band. She loves being a mom and enjoys going on outings around town with our son. Her other interests include reading, cooking, blogging, and going to the bathroom without a toddler around her leg (although she doesn't get to do this one much)!

- Ollie is a crazy, funny, smart, and all-boy little guy. He's three years old and just happens to have Down Syndrome. He loves his daddy more than any other person on the planet, but is close to mommy too and loves giving her kisses. If you're like most people, you may wonder what life with Down Syndrome looks like (and what it might be like for your child to be his sibling). Jen is very passionate about dispelling the myths and misconceptions about Down Syndrome, so she writes a blog about Ollie's life. You can follow her on FB or Instagram @thescenicrouteds to see more about our amazing little guy!

To get a better idea of what our life is like, please take a moment to look through our profile book (link below). If you still have questions, we'd love to chat with you or even meet in person if distance allows. We would love to have a relationship with the birthmom that God has for us, and we understand that openness starts now! So please don't hesitate to ask us whatever question will help you make the best decisions for you and your baby!

Mike, Jen, and Ollie   

Profile Book: Mike and Jen's Profile Book