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Domestic Adoption

Welcome to our profile!  We appreciate you taking a moment to learn more about us. We know this is one of the most difficult decisions that you will ever be faced with, and we want you to know that we are already praying for you. The amount of emotion you're likely experiencing in the light of so many choices must be overwhelming. Though we have never been in your shoes or position, we can still appreciate the magnitude of the decision you're facing, and for that we are deeply honored and grateful that you are considering our portfolio. We promise, if you were to choose us, we will honor your sacrifice and speak highly of you daily with your child. We know that entrusting your child to be raised by someone else requires incredible bravery, strength, honesty and, most of all, love for your child. If you were to choose us, we want to build an open relationship with you with whatever level of openness that you feel comfortable with and continue to build that relationship throughout your child's life.  A little bit about us: We've been married for 8 years this December. Becca is a home maker and once we become parents, she will stay with the baby full time. Mike works full time for a wonderful company and loves the people he works with. Mike also can't wait to be a very hands on dad. Becca's mom is excited to love on another grandbaby and only lives 15 minutes away. Mike's dad is thrilled to have his first grandchild to spoil and currently resides with us. Mike's mom has prayed many years for us to be parents and lives nearby as well. Furthermore, our nieces and nephews are very excited to add another cousin to the group. We have a lot of love to give and are excited for the opportunity to give it. We promise to you that your child will be happy and will know that they are loved. It is the simple things in life that are important to us: a good home, good health, and happiness. May you find peace and happiness on whatever path you take!

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With great admiration, Mike + Becca