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Domestic Adoption


It's so nice to "meet" you!

Our hope as you flip through this profile book is that you feel loved and honored with each page. We don't know how many profiles you've viewed at this point or where you are at in your journey, but we care about you and your baby. Our prayer is that you feel supported today and know that we are humbled and grateful that you've taken the time to get to know our family.

We grew up in the same large church. Due to how large it was, we did not cross paths often, despite attending many of the same events. In our early 20’s, we found ourselves both working in the preschool ministry at the same church. We recognized each other, however we knew very little about the other. Over time, we developed feelings for each other, and Rebecca vividly remember telling a friend, “You know who would make an amazing husband one day? Michael.” She just knew she had to spend the rest of her days with this man. Fast forward five years, and we were married. It was the best day! Rebecca loves that Michael has sound judgement and can always refer to him for good advice. Michael loves that Rebecca lights up a room, and leaves it better than when she arrived. But most of all, our favorite thing about each other is our ability to find joy wherever we are. We are better people together and we can’t wait to share that joy with little one.

We would like you to know that we already love you and your child. Your life is important to us. If it is your desire, we would like to develop a relationship with you. We have already begun thinking about what it would be like to meet you, to learn about the hopes you have for your baby. Please know you and your child will be loved and welcomed by our family.

Thank you for having courage. We pray you feel supported and loved in the days ahead and hope you will consider our family to provide a loving and nurturing home for your baby.

Michael & Rebecca

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