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Domestic Adoption

Hi there,

We are Kristin and Mike. We imagine this is hard for you to read, as you are in the midst of making some really tough decisions. Similarly, this is hard for us to write; what should we say to a mama who is considering blessing a couple with what we believe is the greatest gift that could ever be given?! Simply saying "thank you" does not fully convey the deep gratitude we feel towards you for choosing to give your baby life and for considering adoption. You are beyond courageous! Please know that we are honored you're even taking the time to get to know us. If you do decide to proceed with adoption and you do choose our family to help raise and guide your child through this beautifully-messy maze called life, we promise that they will always be a reminder of your loving and selfless gift and will be raised in a warm and loving home.

We have been married for six years and, God willing, we look forward to many, many more! We love doing life together...going on different adventures, spending time outdoors, hiking, spending time at the beach, and taking the boys to fun playgrounds around town. Our older son Emerson loves school, his friends, and sports, particularly basketball. Our younger son Jackson loves following his big brother around, attending various activities at our local library and zoo, and watching Elmo on Sesame Street. In our free time, Mike and I enjoy watching movies and sports, spending time with our friends and family, traveling, and are active participants at our Church and in various community groups.

Why we are choosing adoption...we have always wanted to adopt. Prior to getting married, we even talked about it! While we have been blessed with two little boys, it was a long and hard road to get them here. We have had a significant number of miscarriages along the way. However, we are thankful for these struggles because they have shown us just how miraculous and precious each and every life is. Experiencing loss and heartache has also given us more compassion towards others and their hardships. While we live in a broken world, we truly believe unconditional love and compassion are antidotes to every hard thing and we try to instill that in our children everyday. But perhaps most importantly, disappointments with fertility have made it abundantly clear that God's plan to grow our family is through adoption.

From Mike: My beautiful wife, Kristin, is everything I dreamed of and more. I knew she was my soulmate when I realized her moral compass matched mine and was amazed at how she seamlessly fit into my large family. I adore her passion for Christ and for our family. She is incredibly loyal and can also be quite playful and silly. She is a wonderful wife and mother and truly is the engine of our little family. She is also a fantastic tennis player (played Division I at Duke). Whether we are listening to our vinyl record collection or playing every sport imaginable in the yard with the boys, we always have fun and cherish every moment. Kristin stays at home full-time with our two boys (though they both attend preschool at our church a couple of days per week) and is really looking forward to being home full-time with a new baby as well.

From Kristin: My husband is the love of my life. Most importantly, we are best friends, and I do not take that for granted. I think my favorite part about "us" is that we prioritize mutual respect, compassion towards one another, and constantly work on putting Christ at the center of our marriage, as we know His love is what keeps us bound together and overflows to our children, our families, and our friends. Mike is an orthopedic trauma surgeon, so he regularly sees chaos and trauma, but by the Grace of God, he has an uncanny ability to stay calm throughout. I see this skill in his parenting as well, as he is a very gentle and patient father to our boys. He does work long hours but when he is home, his focus is on his family. My heart melts when I see the way Mike looks at our children, and I know his heart is ready to love more kiddos.

We have so many family members nearby to love on our kids. Our holidays are filled with many aunts, uncles, and cousins for the kids to play with. Both sides of our families are thrilled that we are growing our family through adoption!

We would really love to meet and get to know you! And we would love to keep an open relationship through pictures, texts, and visits if you are comfortable with this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you make your incredibly important decision.

Sincerely, Mike, Kristin, Emerson, & Jackson

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