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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mom,

Thank you for viewing our book, a link is below. We cherish your time while you learn more about us. As you process your options for your new baby, we'd like to show you our life story in hopes that you may choose us for your child’s forever home.

We have always talked about wanting children even before we were married. Mike and I met at a friend's house and we started dating soon after.  We dated for about a year while in college and were engaged before we graduated.

Once we were married, we started trying to have children, but after thirteen years, we had to accept that we were unable to have biological children. Abby was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis, which is linked to infertility. We tried multiple surgeries to eliminate the endometriosis as well as subsequent IVF treatments, but we were still unsuccessful in conceiving a child. We have attempted to adopt twice. Due to Mike’s promotions at work, we had to relocate each time and were not able to finish the adoptions. Now that we are settled, we are excited to have a baby finally complete our family!

Adoption has been a part of our family for generations. Mike’s father was adopted by his grandmother and step-grandfather. Abby has two girl cousins adopted from Thailand. Diversity is a part of our family where culture differences are accepted and celebrated. Family is important to us and we see them a couple times a year. We enjoy going to the beach with family and friends every year and frequently do things with Mike’s best friend and his family.

Mike and I travel to different places and we keep a bucket list of the places we would like to see and things to do. We also have weekend projects, attend church on Sundays and enjoy hanging out with our neighborhood friends.

We are lucky to live in such a great neighborhood close to a big city with many things to do and see. Our neighborhood has a large pool and playground area. We live in a two story home at the end of a cul-de-sac in a gated community. Many of our neighbors have children, so there are always kids playing outside. The community of people in our neighborhood are friendly and welcoming.

When we have a child, Abby plans to stay home with the baby and Mike will continue to work outside of the home to provide a great home life for our family.

We realize this is a huge decision and we thank you for viewing a bit about us. We wish you all the luck in your pregnancy and beyond.

With open arms,

Mike and Abby

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