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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mother/ Family,

We cannot imagine how difficult it must be for you to make this brave and heartfelt decision. We are here for you and we have so much respect for the journey that you are taking. Thank you for visiting our adoption profile and considering us as a family.

We are the Hailemelekot family and we are so honored that god has chosen us to be on this beautiful path. Two years after our first date, we were married. We met when we lived in NYC and every year, until 2019 when we moved to Colorado, we celebrated our first date anniversary by visiting the same restaurant and comedy club that we had been to on our first date. Melissa has a biological son, Parker, who recently graduated from college and together we have a biological daughter named Skylah. The decision to adopt was an easy one. Through life experiences of knowing families and friends who were connected to adoption we both always had it in our hearts. We were both born and raised in the New York City area. We moved to Denver Colorado in September 2019. ArAdom works as a Cybersecurity Technology Consultant for one of the largest consultancy companies in the world. ArAdom enjoys working out in our home gym. He also likes to play basketball and watch football. One day ArAdom would like to coach youth basketball. ArAdom is also very active in our church and helped lead a church discussion group once a week this past fall. ArAdom really enjoys running and will be running the Las Vegas Half Marathon in February. 

Melissa’s mother was Jewish, and her father was Jamaican. Melissa is the oldest of her two sisters. Melissa is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a massage therapy college professor with her own practice. This past year Melissa was a cover model for Massage & Bodywork Magazine and hired two therapists for her practice. Melissa’s massage practice offers Prenatal Massage, Infant Massage Classes and Doula Services. Melissa also briefly served as a birth doula for an adoption agency in New York City. When Melissa isn’t working, she loves to ride horses and run. Melissa has been riding horses since she was young and once worked as an equine therapist for children. Melissa ran the New York City Marathon, the Key West Half Marathon, a few Disney Half Marathons and a few NYC Half Marathons. She also ran with her sister Jennifer and Jennifer’s Mother In Law.

Skylah Rae just turned four in November. She attends a Montessori school, which is a school that offers education up to eighth grade. Skylah enjoys baking, making jewelry and swimming. Skylah loves to cook. She likes to prepare her own breakfast and helps cook dinner. Skylah just started ballet class. She loves to dance. For over a year, Skylah has also been taking MMA (Jiu Jitsu) classes twice a week. ... she is very skilled at it and just had a belt ceremony last month! Skylah is very excited about being a big sister. She keeps telling everyone that she will be soon. 

When Skylah was two years old, Melissa had a miscarriage. It was then that we decided to turn to adoption to grow our family. Adoption was always in our hearts. ArAdom would tell his friends and family even before the miscarriage that we had planned to adopt. Melissa also witnessed adoption stories first hand because she briefly worked as a doula for birth mothers. We turned to Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency to support us on our journey.

We live in the suburbs of Denver in the eclectic, quirky artistic town called Edgewater, Colorado. Edgewater has cafes, parks and independent stores in its village and the majority of homes are 1960s Mid Century bungalows. From our home, we can walk anywhere. We have a beautiful park called Sloans Lake which is a ten-minute walk, Downtown Denver is a 20-minute walk, the Children's Museum and Downtown Aquarium (10-minute drive), the Zoo (20 minutes), Dinosaur Ridge (20 minute drive), we also have a library which is a ten-minute walk away from home. If we want to experience hiking, we have Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Red Rocks (amazing concerts for adults and families) and we are 1-2 hours from Aspen, Vail or Winter Park. At home, we have two goats (Coco & Pearl), four hens (they lay beautiful pastel pink & blue eggs) and a Great Pyraneese/Anatolian Shepherd Rescue dog named Denver, who loves to watch them.

Denver is two years old, born on Halloween and is the most adorable family dog who once aspired to be a goat. She now loves to dress up and have story time with Skylah. 

ArAdom and Melissa celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas with Skylah. ArAdom & Melissa love to travel, both overseas and on road trips. Traveling is an opportunity to connect, reset and explore. Here are some of our family's favorite vacation destinations: Savannah, New York City, Great Wolf Lodge (Colorado Springs), Crested Butte, Aspen, and Disney World. Together as a family we also love to hike, go to concerts (Red Rocks Amphitheater just had a "Kids Bop Live” Concert), go to a football game (Mile High Stadium), Art Shows (Meow Wolf) and the Children's Museum. 

It is our hope that we have an open adoption and we are flexible with what is in your prayers. It is our prayer that you find peace in whatever decision you make. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us by reading our profile. 


With Love & Gratitude,

ArAdom, Melissa & Skylah