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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

 We write this letter with nothing but deepest respect for you and greatest humility. Adoption is so many different things. It’s beautiful and extraordinary. It’s also complicated and messy. Even as prospective adoptive parents we experience a wide range of emotions during this process. Excitement, fear… We cannot begin to imagine the various emotions you are experiencing as an expectant mother! We knew that we could not have children, and it filled us with great heartache and uncertainty. I’m sure that you have felt similar emotions as well but for different reasons. We can only imagine how hard going this must be, but if you so choose, it is our desire to honor your sacrifice by cherishing and loving a child through adoption. We may have had different paths, but life has an interesting way of bringing people together. Today our paths have met, and we believe it’s for a reason and a purpose.  

Matt and I met through a mutual friend of ours. It didn’t take long for us to know that we were meant to be with each other for the rest of our lives. I knew for sure when I told Matt that I could not have children due to difficulties with my ovaries. It was the hardest conversation I ever had, but I knew we were getting pretty serious, and I had to let him know. He just looked at me, took my hands and said it was “ok”.  He said, “We can adopt and have a family.”

Combined, Matt and I have a large family. We have a great relationship with both of our families. We live not too far away from my family. We visit with them as often as we can, and we usually get together with everyone (my whole family) at least once every couple months. We stay in touch through phone calls and Face time as well.  Family is very important to us, and we are close.  Matt’s family grew up in CA, but they are now more spread out. We visit them as often as we can too. For those who live out of state, we stay close by visiting them, Face timing, and lots of phone calls.  They will come out here and visit as well. We are close to his family too. The great thing is, they are all excited and supportive of us adopting and starting our little family. We hope you know that if you choose so, you would be included in the family to whatever extent you are comfortable. Like I said before, family is important to us.

We are a Christian family. We hold dear our Christian beliefs and values. We try to keep it at our core, not only as individuals but as a family as well.  We love volunteering every year for our church’s Fall Festival. It is a lot of fun. We serve in other areas as well. We both go to Bible Study. We love doing the study together. 

I mentioned before we are blessed. Financially we are pretty stable. With both of us working, not only do we own a home, but we are able to save some money as well. When we are not working, Matt and I enjoy doing different things. Going to the gym and staying healthy is important to us. We also enjoy walking and bike riding along the beach. We enjoy spending time at the beach. We do like going to the movies. We also have passes and enjoy going to Disneyland. There are times when we just want to stay home. We like playing board games, watch movies, etc. However, our favorite thing to do is just being together. Whether we are out or at home, we say that it’s not what you do, but who you are enjoying the time with.

We also love spending time with friends most of whom we have know for over ten years. They have families of their own and are just as supportive of us adopting as our families. They are fun and a great support system as well (many have already offered to baby-sit).  These are lasting and life long friendships.

This is just a “snap shot” of our life.  We hope that we were able to give you an idea of who we are.  We are praying for you as you prepare and plan for the coming days/months. We know that this is a confusing and uncertain season in your life. Please know that we care and are here if you so choose.

Grace and Peace,

Matt and Karla

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