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Domestic Adoption


We're Margaret and Matt (M&M). Thank you for taking the time to read about us and why we are pursuing adoption.


How we met: During our first year of college, Margaret fell for Matt's quiet charm and calm personality. Matt especially enjoyed Margaret’s sense of humor and how easy it is to talk to her. (Seriously she started chatting with him in their dorm’s elevator!) After four years of dating, we got married and settled in St. Louis.


Interests and Hobbies: During college and still today, we enjoy outdoor activities like camping and canoeing. As a family, we enjoy hiking and biking at local parks on the weekends. Matt is learning how to woodwork and enjoys playing his guitar. Margaret likes to sing in our church’s choir and is learning how to play the violin.


Why we chose adoption: We always wanted kids. We both have large extended families and enjoy the closeness we have with siblings and cousins. Part of Margaret’s extended family includes two cousins adopted from Korea. We even discussed adoption as being an option before we got married. When we later found out that we were infertile, it helped knowing that we could still become parents through adoption.


In 2012, we adopted our daughter, Samantha. She was 3 days old when we met her in the hospital the day after Mother’s Day. Those were the happiest moments of our lives – even with the lack of sleep, the endless diapers and mountains of bottles to wash – we had huge grins on our faces.


Samantha has brought such joy to our lives.  It is very fulfilling to watch her grow, help her learn, and teach her our faith and traditions.  For example, on Christmas Eve, Matt spends the day baking cookies and tea rings (a family recipe similar to cinnamon rolls) for family and friends, while Margaret finishes up wrapping presents and enjoys taste testing (Matt's chocolate chip cookies are Margaret’s favorite. . . snickerdoodles fast second). Samantha now helps with the baking and picking out and wrapping the gifts. Samantha loves singing like her mother and will break out in song when she is most happy. Samantha is taking piano lessons alongside Margaret. It is wonderful to share our interests and hobbies with her.


Why we are choosing adoption again: After moving to a new neighborhood to be closer to work and a few career changes, we are finally ready to adopt again. We always wanted a large family and, being close to our siblings, we have a desire for Samantha to have a sibling as well. Samantha has been asking for a brother or sister for several years and is always the first to include her friends’ younger siblings during playdates. She is super excited that we are waiting for another child and regularly includes her future sibling in her prayers. Margaret is already daydreaming of holding our new child and slowly preparing the room for baby with Matt. As happy as we are as three, we can only imagine how wonderful it will be as four.


Whether you decide to meet us or not, we want you to know that we think you are making a very courageous and selfless decision in considering adoption for your baby. If you would like more information about us, including pictures not shared online, please contact Nightlight!


Matt & Margaret

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