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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mama,

We do not know you, but we already know you are brave. And we don’t know your story, but we’re confident you’re stronger than you believe. And we don’t know all the circumstances, but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a mother that wants what is best for your beautiful baby.

If we met you in person we’d probably ask you if we could give you a hug...we’re huggers over here 🙂 So hi, we are Luke and Abby Hatteberg and we've been married 11 years (more than a decade, we can’t believe it!) and live in Dallas, TX. We met through a best friend in college (who after meeting Luke immediately called and told Abby "I think I just met your soul mate")... true story, we never stopped talking since!

We have been blessed with two biological children - Everlee (6) who is our thoughtful and cautious, crazy smart, little artist and Colette (“Cole” 4), who is our fearless and confident, goofy bundle of pure joy who never met a stranger. The girls are obsessed with all things babies and are counting down the days until they will hopefully be big sisters (they will be the absolute sweetest helpers).

So we have had the honor and privilege of raising two beautiful girls who we adore, yet we’ve always had a strong and undeniable desire to adopt....even individually on our own before dating. Adoption stories are woven within both of our families, domestic on Luke's side and international on Abby's. So from the very beginning, we both felt strongly adoption would be a part of our families' story.

A bit about us- Luke works at a small Christian university model school in the area, teaching Bible, History, and Woodworking courses (his dream job for sure!) as well as serving of the Dean of Students there. The girls are able to attend the school too thankfully- so they go to school two days a week and we homeschool two days a week. The extra time together and fleixbility in our schedule this affords our family is SUCH a gift. 

Although we never set out to be small business owners, we’ve also held the title of “self-employed” for almost 9 years now- thanks to a hobby/creative outlet turned full-time business. So Abby works part-time from home on all the back end operations of the business, while staying home full-time with the girls. When we’re not working on our business or dreaming up new ideas, you’ll most likely find us playing outside (currently aiming to try one new park every week!), grabbing Saturday morning donuts and hanging out at our neighborhood coffee shop, reading books upon books or at our local library, staying active, or at a spontaneous dinner with our family (who really just feel like our best friends).

Our greatest love is travel though, and we set out to see a new city or country with the kids as often as our wallets and business allow. Our bucket list goal as a family is to live somewhere else in the world for one month of every year (so far we've checked off Rome, Italy and the mountains of Idaho!). We cannot wait to bring along another little one on our adventures, big and small.

Both of our families are in the area and we are very close to both lucky we are to have all the people we love most so near is definitely not lost on us. So we are always heading over for a birthday dinner at Papa's, meeting up with Grammy at the park, or planning for some fun one-on-one time with one of the aunts or uncles (we are so blessed with how intentionally our sibilings love on our kids). Also, we are very invloved in our church, our faith is a pillar of our family, and thankful that a community of families adopting and fostering is already surrounding us there....NO shortage of people to love on a new baby 🙂

Our deepest hope is that we’d have an open, communicative and increasingly deep and meaningful relationship in an open adoption, if that is what is desired. It is so important to us that from as early as they can remember the child knows, loves, and has great respect for their birth mother/parents and the loving plan they made for them.

Whatever you end up deciding, we pray the Lord guides you in this decision and that you would feel such peace and his presence near as you go. We are so humbled and honored you would look at our profile, a little peek into our family and world.

With the greatest fondness and admiration,

Luke and Abby

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you want more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at (254) 227-9252.

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