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Domestic Adoption


Right now, you are reading a letter from a family you have never met and facing possibly the toughest
and most courageous decision you will ever have to make in your life. We want you to know, that even
though we don't know you, Robert and I have been praying for you. Praying for your health, the health of
your little one, and for peace with whatever decision you make. If it is God’s will that our lives should
collide, we will be there to support you, with respect to your boundaries.  We will teach your child to love
life, love family and hold them close, and powerfully love the Lord. We will give them all they need to get
through this crazy, beautiful life!

Robert and I have always wanted a family, but that has proven to be quite a challenge.  We tried for 12
years and just recently found out that the chances of me being able to get pregnant were nearly
impossible.  We’ve been through the discouragement and disappointment, me feeling “less than”, and the
highs and lows of fertility treatments.  The decision to pursue adoption was not a hard one after a lot of
prayer and figuring out it could very well could be a blessing in disguise!

There is so much I want to tell you about us, but I will do my best to hit the high points!  Robert and I met
while I was still a senior in high school. We dated nearly 4 years over 600 miles long distance before we
got married.  We’ve been married for 18 years and our life together has been an adventure from the start.
We’ve been through some trying times, but ALWAYS together.  We are best friends.

Robert and I both work on a wind farm for a renewable energy company. They are very family oriented
and we will get more than enough time off to care for and bond with a new little family member.  When we
go back to work, Robert's mom will be our babysitter. We attend Sunday School and Church each week.
We love good movies and Sunday drives. Together, we enjoy flying, racquetball, volleyball, basketball,
swimming, and hiking.  Robert is a pilot, so spur of the moment day trips are a treat. We also enjoy taking
the 4-wheeler for a joy ride across the pasture and taking the kids sledding when we get snow.
Individually, I enjoy reading, photography, playing the piano, cranking my music, cooking/baking, and
flower gardening. Robert enjoys building ANYTHING, putting puzzles together, and helping his dad with
the cattle. His favorite hobby is flying.

We both grew up as farm kids.  I played in the corn fields and Robert hung out with the cows!  We still
enjoy the country life. We live with our spunky little Shetland Sheepdog on a peaceful 40 acres in a
modern 3-bedroom, 2 story white farmhouse with a red door and a wraparound porch. We’ve got a
beautiful view of open fields all around us and a serene view of the mountains and beautiful sunsets to
the West.  We love hosting game night dinners, cook outs and pool parties for our family and friends
throughout the year. All of Robert’s family lives within 20 minutes of us, so we see our nieces and
nephews quite frequently and we see his parents throughout the week since they live a stone's throw
away from us.  My family doesn’t live as close, but we love to travel to see them and they make frequent
trips to our place for holidays. I visit with my family on the phone several times a week. When my family
does visit, we just bunch together as one big family and enjoy each other’s goofy jokes and company! As
a family unit we all support each other, no matter the situation, and the announcement of our adoption
pursuit has been no exception.  The excitement and support has been overwhelming.

We understand that the situation you are facing is life changing. We want to get to know you better, but
we respect your privacy. Of course, we'd love to meet you, but if you are more comfortable with chatting
on the phone we are good with that, too. If you chose us to be part of your baby's life, we would like a
level of openness we are all comfortable with such as photos, letters and visits. That little tyke will have
more love than he or she knows what to do with!
With much love,

Lisa & Robert

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