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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother, We know what a big decision this is for you. We can’t imagine what you may be feeling right now. Please know that we think you are displaying so much bravery by simply considering adoption. We always knew we wanted to adopt and talked about it from the time we were dating. We have many family members on both sides that have come into the family through adoption. We have been deeply blessed by adoption and are excited about the possibility of growing our family through adoption. We believe that birth parents should play a big role in determining the level of openness and boundaries in a relationship with adoptive parents. We are open to various situations and want to respect our future birth parents' desires. We are committed to treating our future birth/adoptive parent relationship with respect.  We want to be a loving option for you, if you need it. Someone once described being an adoptive parent as a huge privilege. We feel humbled and honored about the privilege of loving another child through adoption. We don't take it lightly. We can say with all certainty that we love our two children with a huge, equal, overwhelming love, and we know we will love our future son or daughter the same way. Thank you for considering us, and just know that we are praying for you as you navigate this difficult decision. Thank you for choosing life! It makes me teary just thinking about your precious little one and the great things God has in store for his or her life. Whatever you decide, we are praying for wisdom and a deep sense of peace in your heart as you walk this journey of making the best decision for your child. -Kirk and Lily Profile book: Profile Book

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