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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthmother, The very fact that we are writing to you is beyond our wildest dreams. Justin, Ella and I are excited at the possibility of expanding our family in such a life giving way.  We want to begin by thanking you for truly opening your lives and hearts to the idea of helping us grow our family through your love of the miracle growing inside of you.  You are a hero in many aspects of the word.  We are praying for you daily, knowing what an incredible role faith must be playing in your decisions. You are strong, courageous and the ultimate giver.  We want you to know the place in our heart you will forever hold. Justin and I have had two successful, dream pregnancies.  Our little girl, Ella, was born in December of 2010 and is such a gift in our lives.  We welcomed her brother, Drew,  in January of 2014.  Unfortunately, after living for eight short days he was taken from us as a result of a very rare genetic disorder. Justin and I found out we are both carriers of the disorder, and it can present itself again in future pregnancies.  Knowing the deep loss we faced, we knew we couldn’t risk that again.  We opened our hearts and had adoption placed on it.  We want to grow our family and can't thank you enough for giving us this option. We want to tell you of the love we already have for this miracle baby.  We want you to know that love will be in abundance, hugs and kisses will be showered and that no matter what, this child will always know the love you created and will always hold in your heart. We want this child to always know the gift you gave to him/her and the family that they are linked to in you.  Our lives will be forever blessed because of you. Justin is a manager at our family business, a hardware store and I stay at home with our daughter.  Before my role as mommy, I was a first grade teacher with a passion for children.  Ella and I love crafting, cooking and taking in everyday life moments together.  I can promise you that more children would be welcomed into our extended family and friendship circle with open arms.  We are a faith-filled family and will take that faith with us into this journey and the raising of our children. We hope this autobiography (linked below) will give you just the peek you need into our lives to allow us to have a special place in yours.  Again, thank you for being exactly who you are.  We look forward to this life-giving journey. Justin, Michelle and Ella

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you would like more information about us please call or text Nightlight at 864-275-1682.

Follow this link to our profile book, it's a glimpse into the life we are blessed to call ours.