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Domestic Adoption


Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile. We really respect your decision to consider adoption for your child, and we believe that adoption is a choice made from love from all sides. You are making the greatest sacrifice possible to ensure your child has the life you want for him or her. And, should you select us, we would do everything in our power to make sure your child has an environment filled with love, happiness, and opportunity.

We met in high school, when we were only 15. It’s so hard to believe we have been friends for 20 years! We started dating in senior year, and got married three weeks after Stephanie graduated college in 2005. We were still pretty young when we married (only 23!), so we waited a few years to start our family while Stephanie went to graduate school and started her career. In 2013, we were blessed to welcome our biological daughter, Clara. She is fun, loving, silly, and the light of our lives. Sadly, two ectopic pregnancies that happened in the years since her birth mean that more biological children are not in the picture for us. We had always hoped for multiple children, and after a time of prayer and contemplation, we both decided that adoption was the right path for our family.

Stephanie is a medical physicist and works in the Radiology department of a hospital. She loves how her job combines science and healthcare. Knowing that her work helps patients is very fulfilling, even if most of them never know about it! She is also a university professor and enjoys teaching and mentoring students.

Juan is currently a college student in computer programming. He previously worked for over a decade as an electrician, mainly in industrial settings such as power plants, factories, and rail yards. We moved in 2016 when Stephanie got her current job, and Juan took the opportunity to go back to school for a career change. Juan’s college classes are online, and since he is not currently working, this is a great time for us to welcome a new baby to the family. Our plan is for him to watch the baby for the first 9-12 months while Stephanie is at work. Once the baby is mobile, we hope for him or her to attend the daycare at Stephanie’s work. It is run by the university, and is really top quality!

We have a 5 bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood with lots of big, beautiful trees. We live in a fantastic small city of about 130,000 people, which is just big enough to have everything we want, without the problems that come with big city living! Juan’s mother lives with us, thus ensuring that any children we have are thoroughly spoiled and fed nutritious, home-cooked food every day. Stephanie’s parents also live close by, and we see them regularly. They are a huge part of Clara’s life, and are very excited to welcome a new grandchild through adoption!

We hope you take a look at our profile book, which we think will give you a much better sense of what our family is like and the things we like to do! You can see it here: Juan & Stephanie's Profile Book

If you think our family might be a good fit for your child, we would love to get to know you! Regardless of your decision, we wish you health and happiness, and we hope that both your and your child’s future will be bright and beautiful!


With love,

Juan and Stephanie