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Domestic Adoption

Waiting for our Starr!

Dear Birth Parent(s),

Your courage and strength to choose this road of adoption is admirable and takes courage. We hope that we can make this journey for you comforting. To begin we'd love for you to know more about who we are and why choosing us might be a good fit for you.

Our hearts desire is to raise a child in a healthy, loving, vibrant, Christian home. We look forward to taking vacations, spending Christmas with our huge families, teaching and raising our child to love the Lord. We are looking forward to having our child grow up with their cousins, play in the yard, cuddle on the couch, learn how to play games, visit Disney World, and feel loved by us during all of life's journeys. We have been desiring to adopt again for quite some time. Our fir son Isaac is five years old and deeply desires to have a sibling.

We have been together for 17 years and married for 14. We met in high school at a Christian church where both of our dads were pastors. We became close friends before dating and have been together since the night Joshua professed his desire to date me (Rachelle) on Halloween night in 2001. Today, we have full time jobs. Joshua is a designer/developer/entrepreneur for his own company. Rachelle works in full time ministry helping women overcome abuse and addiction. After receiving our baby, Rachelle plans to work part time and Joshua plans to work part time while we bond and grow with our new baby. Once we return to full time work our plan is to have Rachelle’s sister who is a stay at home mother watch our baby during the day.

We both are very active in our roles at our local church and will raise our child going to church and learning about God. We each serve our Christian church in different capacities that will have a positive impact on our child's life.

Our road to adoption hasn't been easy. After thirteen years of infertility and many miscarriages we have prayed through the decision of a second adoption and feel it is equally God honoring to grow a family through adoption. We know now that adoption was God's first choice for us and have many friends that have adopted children to grow their family. We would like to have contact with our child's birth parents because we feel it is important our child understands from the beginning their birth parents, both for the birth parents and for them. We look forward to getting to know you and continuing a relationship with you!

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