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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us through our profile book. We can only imagine that this is a very difficult time for you. Although we’ve never met, you have been on our hearts and in our prayers. We are praying for peace and wisdom for you as you decide what is the best course for you and your baby.

We are Jordan and Lacey. We met in 2003 through a family member and became friends. We began dating in 2004 and were married December 30th, 2006.

Before we were married we had always hoped to have a large family and hoped that at some point that would include adoption. While we have not struggled with infertility, pregnancies were not easy for Lacey and we decided not to have more biological children. God has blessed us with a wonderful home, family and friends and we are ready to grow our family again.

We moved to what we plan to be our forever home a year and a half ago and LOVE our neighborhood! We're just about 10 minutes away from the downtown area of our small Virginia city which has great restaurants, libraries, parks, and more. Still, it feels like you're out in the country-in fact, our neighbors two doors over are horses that now think seeing the children means carrots or apples are next. The human neighbors are also lovely and wonderful to our children.

Our home is nice, open and comfy but we really bought it because it came with 3 acres for our children to run around on and a creek for them to play in. It’s an awesome place to float in a tube, take a dip in a swimming hole or catch minnows and is the setting of many, many play dates.

Our church is an important part of our life, and we are part of a small group and a home school service group that does various projects including preparing meals for the Salvation Army shelter, hosting bingo/ singing at the nursing home and making care bags for the local crisis pregnancy center. There are lots and lots of families at our church with young children, many of which were formed (or added onto) through domestic or international adoption. There are also members from all over the world and many different backgrounds, and we have an active partnership with a predominantly African American church in town. While we believe God looks at the heart and not the outward appearance, we understand that children need role models that look like them, and it would be a priority for us to make sure your child has a community that shares their background.

We are excited to welcome a new little one into our family. Our child would always know that adoption was a choice you made out of deep love for them. We would be excited to meet you and answer any questions you might have. We would love to keep contact through email, text and picture updates. We also understand if you would like privacy and will respect whatever your preference is. Whatever you decide we are praying for you!

With Admiration,

Jordan and Lacey

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