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Domestic Adoption

Hello! We’re Jonathan, Liz and Theo (in Atlanta, GA). But our family is bigger than just the three of us -- we are also Shyan (Theo's birthmama in Kentucky), Nana and Papa (in North Carolina), Pop and Mima (in Missouri), 11 brothers and sisters, 22 nieces and nephews and many close friends and neighbors. We all look forward to loving and welcoming you and your child into our family!

We have a special relationship with Shyan (and her aunts), and look forward to building an open and trusting relationship with you too. She wrote a letter to you in our profile book.

As you can see, our family is multi-racial. Many of our nieces and nephews are Black. Our community and church are diverse, led by a Black pastor and focused on racial justice. Most of our artwork and books feature Black heroes. It's important to us that our children have many beautiful, strong mirrors - both friends and adults who look like them. We are active in serving the local NAACP and always want our children to grow up knowing Black Lives Matter.

We’ve been married for ten years. We both love kids and have one adopted son, Theo. Before adopting, we were foster parents, temporarily caring for children who needed a safe place for four years. We can’t have kids biologically and have treasured growing our family through adoption.

In our profile book, instagram and video, you'll get a picture of what we value and how we live. Thank you for taking the time to read this bit of our story.

With respect and admiration,

Jonathan and Liz

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