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Domestic Adoption

Hello! We’re Jonathan and Liz.

As you consider your future, we are rooting and praying for you and your baby. No matter what decision you make, we believe you are a good, brave woman and mama.

If we’re blessed to be picked as parents for your baby, we will welcome your child with open arms. We’ll welcome you, too. We want to work together to build the type of open and trusted relationship you want: one where you feel comfortable and know that you have the kind of role you want in your child’s life. Our hope is for your child to know and love you.

We’ve been married for ten years. We both love kids and have one adopted son, Theo. Before adopting, we were foster parents, temporarily caring for children who needed a safe place for four years. We can’t have kids biologically.

Liz stays home full-time to care for Theo and will continue to do so for your child. Jonathan is a very active, involved father. Liz's parents and sister live nearby and can't wait to welcome their second grandbaby and niece. Jonathan's parents, who ran an adoption agency for 30 years, have twenty-three grandbabies, including five adopted kids, and couldn't be more thrilled to love your little one when he or she comes.

In our profile book, you'll see a bit of our story and get a picture of what we value and how we live. We hope this shows you the type of family we are and how we hope to love a child. Thank you for taking the time to read this glimpse of our lives.

With respect and admiration,
Jonathan and Liz

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