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Domestic Adoption


We want to start this letter off by saying we know this is not an easy decision. We think you are brave and selfless for choosing life and considering adoption.

We want you to know we are praying for you and your sweet baby throughout your pregnancy. We pray that God will fill you with peace with whatever decision you make. We cannot imagine going through the feelings and decisions you will be making. We know this is a confusing and difficult time for you as you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your precious baby.

We have been married for 11 years. We wanted kids as soon as we got married but it was not in Gods plans. We tried fertility medications but were not able to become pregnant.   We took some time to work on us and give our bodies a break. We have done a lot of praying and talking and felt like the Lord lead us to adopt.  We both have a lot of love in our hearts to share. We do have a fur baby though and his name is Diesel, he is a boxer sweetest pup and he is great with kids.

Some things we like to do is hanging out with our families. Both sides are close so we have holidays together. On Joe's side, he has his dad, mom, and sister who his dad adopted when she was younger. On my side I have my dad, mom, sister and brother. All of our siblings are married to really great people. Joe's sister and husband have two girls and my sister and her husband have one girl and one boy and a dog who is the sister to our dog. My brother and his wife have two dogs and a cat.  We love hanging out with our nieces and nephews, even the furry ones. We enjoy camping, fishing, watching movies, and going to church. We are involved in our church. I teach in Awana and Vacation Bible School.  Joe is more of a behind the scenes kind of guy building things, running equipment, mowing the lawn. He is a very hard worker.  Right now, we both work. Joe is in the Bricklayers Union and he works for a refractory company called Schad Refractory.  He manages what goes out for the jobs and fixing the equipment, along with driving their truck right now he is the only one with a CDL. I work for a company called HTC appliance repair and I do their warranties and inventory. I mainly work from home but one day a week I go in to do the inventory and returns.

We can't wait to learn about you too.   Depending on your comfort level, we would love to keep an open relationship with you. However, we respect your privacy and will honor any decision you make, whether that was little or no contact, occasional letters and photos, or annual visits.


Joe & Shaunna

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