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Domestic Adoption


We are Jesse and Rachel. With our sons, Ollie, Hawke, and Stone, we hope to grow our family again through adoption. We are honored that you are reading our letter today. We admire you so much for even considering adoption, for choosing to give your child the gift of life, and for thinking about such a loving plan for your child’s future. 

Our friends and family describe us as “loving, trustworthy, energetic and loyal.”  We met at a friend’s lake house in Austin, TX in 2005.  While dating, we did triathlons, traveled, and spent time with family and friends.  We were married in 2009 and went to Argentina for our honeymoon. We love to travel as a family. Our favorite places are Seattle, Colorado, California and Disney World. We also go to the beach in Florida every summer.

We also love to spend time at home in Dallas, TX.  We love our house and neighborhood. Bike and scooter rides, playing sports, movie nights and cooking together are things we love to do. Our backyard is also a place where we spend a lot of time. We have an outdoor kitchen, seating areas, a covered sandbox, a tree house, a trampoline, and swings. You will often find us with music on, having a dance party, or just being silly. Our favorite restaurants, parks, splash pad, donut shop and our families and friends are also nearby our home. 

Jesse describes Rachel as nurturing, patient, and loving unconditionally. Rachel has always dreamed of being a mom and cherishes that role. She loves holidays, birthdays and celebrating others. Rachel says that Jesse’s patient and kind nature make him an amazing husband and dad. He puts others’ needs before his own, is easy going and creative. Jesse is always the first one to laugh and to make a serious moment not so serious.  Jesse loves to include his children in everything he does and to create memories with them – such as camping and building in his workshop. He also loves helping coach their sports teams.

Ollie is 8 and was adopted from Uganda, Africa. He loves bike riding, helping Jesse build things, movies nights, and spending time with friends and family. Hawke is 5 and was adopted as an infant from Texas. He loves legos, soccer, t-ball, and playing with his brothers. Stone is 4 and was adopted as an infant from Missouri. He loves  being outside, riding his scooter and his blankets. He is always dancing and laughing.  Our boys are so excited to be growing our family again and to have another sibling to play with. 

Education for our children is very important to us, and we will make decisions for their education based on what is best for them. We will encourage our children in all their pursuits and expose them to a range of activities. All of the boys attend a small private school near our house. Ollie is in 3rd grade, Hawke is in Kindergarten, and Stone is in half-day Pre-K a couple days a week.  

We are not able to get pregnant without medical intervention, and are so thankful that God has grown our family through adoption.  From the time we were dating, we hoped to have children through adoption and being parents is a great joy.  We commit to loving our children with everything that we have and are so thankful for them and their birth families.

If you choose adoption, we will always respect the bond that you will have as your child’s birthmother and hope to nurture that bond by making sure that you are a part of this child’s life in the way that is best for everyone.  We would love to have an open relationship with you and are excited to build that relationship as we share our lives, communicate, visit and love our child together. We are praying for you, as you make a wonderful, yet very difficult decision.


Jesse & Rachel

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you want more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at (254) 227-9252.

Please click this link for a video of our family combined in August 2021.

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