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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parent, We are Abby and Jeremy and we are full of hope and excitement at the opportunity to adopt.

Click here to watch a video message from us. For more recently updated photos/video, check out the slideshow below.

We have been blessed with lots of love and opportunities in our lives, and we want to share that love and opportunity by adding to our family through adoption. This is something weve talked about since we were dating, and we now feel confident that the time is right. We understand that you are in the process of making some difficult decisions, and we want to send your our love, whichever road you take. Here is a little glimpse into our lives:

We were college sweethearts. We bonded over our love of music, family, and Jesus. We dated for a little over a year and got married the week after we both graduated. Jeremy is a tax accountant (this is usually where people make jokes about how boring Jeremy's job sounds. But he loves it.) Abby works part-time as the Children and Family Pastor at our church, helping oversee the programs for kids and parents.

In order for you to understand Jeremy, you should know that he is a big sports fan. He can always make conversation easily with strangers, but he can talk for hours if the topic at hand is sports. Just for fun, Jeremy and his brother have started their own sports podcast. It gives them an excuse to hang out together and dedicate an entire hour to talking about sports. Jeremy has already passed down his love to our son, Chip (4), who loves to play ball and run around with his dad.

One great way to understand Abby is to know that she loves food. She loves to cook and try new recipes, but she especially loves the eating part. Going to a fun restaurant is one of her favorite things. Abby has already passed down her love for food to our daughter, Corrie (2), who is at her very happiest when she is eating her favorite snacks. We are so excited for Chip and Corrie to be big brother and big sister to a new baby. We want to adopt while Chip and Corrie are still young so that their new brother or sister will grow up with them and enjoy playing with them we want all our kids to be close friends with one another.

The best thing about living in Oregon is the people around us. We have a wonderful group of close and supportive friends in our town. Our closest friends come over to our house every Tuesday night so that we can stay connected and involved in each others lives. Jeremy's parents and siblings all live near us, and we are very close with all of them. Every Sunday, we get everyone together for family dinner and celebrate holidays and birthdays together. Our kids have cousins that are near their age who they love playing with on Family Sunday. Jeremy's mom (our kids call her Nana) takes care of our kids on the two days that Abby goes into the office. She has shared with us many times how excited she is to help us take care of our new adopted baby when he or she arrives. In addition to friends and family, our church is a loving place with many other young families and people who are ready to help us and excited for us to expand our family through adoption.

Our town in Oregon is beautiful-- its a small town with lots of room for kids to play outside. It's very green and full of trees and we enjoy great hiking trails. A big river runs through our town and provides lots of opportunities to boat or fish or play in the water. We live in a one-story grey house on a quiet street near the river. We have a big backyard with green grass where our kids like to play, especially in the sand box or on the swing. We have a family dog, Duncan, who loves to play with our kids and who is named after Jeremy's favorite basketball player.

We are open to adopting a child of any race. If we are chosen to adopt a child of a different race than ours, we feel it's important to seek out opportunities for him or her to have friends and mentors who look like him/her. We would purposely seek out schools, programs, and relationships that would make that possible. We want our child to have healthy ties to his or her birth culture in as many ways as possible. We can't wait to meet the child and birth parent(s) who are a perfect fit for our family. We are praying for you-- that you find the perfect fit for you, whatever that is.

With love,

Jeremy and Abby