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Domestic Adoption


            It is hard to write this letter because we know that right now you are trying to make some tough decisions for you and the child growing inside of you.  Not long ago we also faced some very tough decisions after we had been trying to conceive a child for some time.  Unexpected health issues arose while we were trying to conceive, which ultimately led to me having a total hysterectomy.  There was heartache and uncertainty but when one door closes another one opens.  Both of our circumstances were unplanned and unexpected, but we find refuge in knowing that there is purpose. 

            Jeff and I met five years ago through an online dating website.  On our first date we went for a walk across a walking bridge in our hometown.  On the return trip across the bridge we were surprised by an unexpected downpour of rain.  By the time we got back to our cars we looked like we had jumped in a pool with our clothes on.  Fortunately, we were both able to find humor in the situation and handled the unexpected together.  A year later we were married in the small church I grew up in and have now been married almost 4 years.  We started building a house in the suburbs that is within a mile of my sister and parents shortly after we were married.  The house is four bedrooms, three baths, has a big yard and we have lived there almost two years.  There are also several parks within just a few miles for children to play and swim.

            Jeff works at a large car dealership as a Parts Manager in the reconditioning department.  I work as a supervisor in the enrollment department of a large insurance company.  We both will continue to work once we have children as we both enjoy our work and it provides a means to be able to provide extra things that we both value as we raise our children (special vacations and additional extracurricular opportunities).  That being said our children will be cared for outside our home in a daycare setting or occasionally with grandparents.

            In our free time we enjoy spending quality time with our family and friends, listening to music, going on hikes, and traveling.  We are also very active in our church.  We help keep the nursery and do various mission work in the community. We have been blessed with many opportunities, great family and friends, but have a strong desire to share our adventures with a child whom we can love and adore.

            We would love to meet you if that is what you desire.  We could meet in person, over the phone, or through letters/pictures, whichever you are most comfortable with.  Jeff and I are also willing to maintain a relationship with you once the child is born.  If you feel we are a good fit for you and your baby we would be happy to send you picture and updates on how the child is doing at each age.  We want to respect your privacy and the life ahead of you, but would be willing to consider a more open relationship once we meet one another and reach a comfort level. 

            We are praying for you as you prepare and plan for your future.  We know that this a confusing and difficult time in your life.  Please know that we care and are here to support you if you so choose.

Jeff & Jennifer

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