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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthmother,

We never thought we would be writing this letter.  We both imagined that having kids when the time was right would come easily.  Unfortunately, it has been anything but so.

While your family and my family are living different lives, the commonalities between us are many.  We, too, have had to hand our precious babies over for someone else to care for. Albeit temporarily, the feelings are similar.  Both of our daughters were born prematurely, and they spent numerous weeks in the hospital being cared for by doctors and nurses.  Our first daughter was born at 24 weeks and was considered a micro preemie. Despite a valiant fight, we permanently handed her over to God at 3 months old.  We know the heartbreak of having to say goodbye all too well. Our second daughter was born at 34 weeks; and after two weeks in the hospital, she was able to come home. She has been happy and healthy ever since.  I know the joy of pregnancy, but I also know the heart-breaking tales of loss. Despite all medical advances, my body can’t carry a baby to term. Our hope and prayer is that another mother would be willing to carry a baby to term and allow us the privilege of raising and caring for that child as well as giving our daughter the joy of growing up with siblings.

Jason and I are raising our beautiful daughter Adeline in a 5-bedroom home in a wonderful neighborhood.  We have a community pool, soccer field, basketball court, playground and even a dog park. We love to take walks in the afternoon with Adeline and our two dogs.  Jason works as a software developer, and I teach high school history. We both love our jobs, and we love that Adeline has such a great daycare that cares for her, teaches her so many things and allows her some of the best socialization with other kids we have found.

We also enjoy traveling as a family.  Since Adeline has been born, we have been able to travel to Hawaii, California, Minnesota, Virginia and Maine.  Most trips were to visit family and allow Adeline to meet her four cousins who love her so much. We spend a lot of vacation time at my parent’s farm in Maine.  It is 28 acres of pure bliss. The cousins can run in the grass, climb on trees in the forest and search for sea glass on the beach. What better way to let kids be kids?

We know as you consider entering this adoption journey you are facing some of the most difficult decisions of your life.  We would hope through this process that we can be there to support you as much as you would like and keep the lines of communication open after the baby is born.  Our entire family is excited to welcome a new member to our family. We hope and pray that God gives everyone, especially you, the courage to give this child the best life possible and the support to face the tremendous heartbreak that is sure to arise.

With Deepest Gratitude, Nicole and Jason

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