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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

It is with deepest respect, gratitude and love that we write this letter to you. Adoption is so amazingly complex. It spans a multitude of emotions and this decision touches so many lives. Throughout this process we both have experienced a wide range of emotions. As a birth mother we can only imagine the emotions that you are experiencing. Adoption is such a beautifully complicated process and we want you to know that you are not in this alone.

Kaitlyn and I live in Northeastern Oklahoma. We have been married for the past 15 years. We love to spend time together watching movies, laughing and hanging out with close friends. Recently we bought a new house and have enjoyed turning it into our home. Our favorite thing is to host and bring family and friends together to eat, play games and make memories. We also already have a baby’s room prepared. Together we are active in our church and have a close and supportive community of friends. Kaitlyn helps lead Worship and I am the Creative Director for the church. We both also enjoy our careers. I own my own marketing business where I get to create through design, photography and videography. Working for myself allows a lot of flexibility in my daily schedule. Kaitlyn is a 6th grade Assistant Principal and gets to help the students and families within our city.

The one thing we feel we are missing from our lives is a child. We have struggled with infertility our entire marriage. And when we found out that we were unable to conceive a child of our own we knew without hesitation that we wanted to adopt. It is through your incredible sacrifice that we will be able to have a family. Our hope is to keep an open relationship with you, depending on your comfort level, and for our child to always know their story and where their journey began. We respect you and would like to honor any decision you chose to make on what your future involvement would look like. Whether that be little to no contact, occasional letters and photos or being an extended member of our family. As a birth mother making plans we know that you are in a difficult time in life. Please know that we care and are willing to help. We hope you find this look book helpful in giving you insight into the life your child would have in our family. May you find peace in whatever decision you choose.


Jason and Kaitlyn

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