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Domestic Adoption


We know you may be scared or unsure of what is the right path for you. Even if you have made up your mind, we get that there is a whole host of different emotions you may be feeling as you make plans. As we introduce ourselves, it is our hope that you also feel our respect for your strength and courage in this difficult journey.

We are Jason and Brenna from Missouri. In July 2020, we will have been married 5 years. We have fun together. Traveling to the Ozarks to fish or visit Silver Dollar City, exploring different groceries to create new dishes, having impromptu backyard gatherings with friends and their families when we're going to smoke too much meat for two, playing with our dogs, and volunteering in our community are some of the ways we spend our free time. During the week, Jason is an ironworker and Brenna is an elementary school counselor.

After two years of marriage, we decided to expand our family. We learned that God's plan was not for us to have biological children. After prayer and consideration, we knew adoption was the right path for us. We are hopeful to build our family and provide a loving home for a child.

We are close with our families on both sides, frequently talking on the phone or spending time together, and our family and friends are very supportive of our journey. Jason's sister joined their family through adoption, and two of our closest friends, our pastor and his wife, have adopted a sibling group of four wonderful children. If we are your choice and depending on your comfort level, we would like to have an open relationship with you.

As an expectant mother, we know this must be a difficult time. Regardless of your decision, may you be blessed. Thank you for taking the time to begin to know us.

Jason & Brenna

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