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Domestic Adoption

We are a high energy, big adventure, family that thrives on exploring the world through food and travel.  We hope that through an open mind we can not only continue to teach ourselves but also raise our child to be open and confident growing within the vast world we live in.  Through the people we meet, we have learned that no matter how different we may seem, we are truly all very similar.

Nazima is a physician and Jason is a software developer. Nazima gets over 13 weeks off per year and Jason's work is completely flexible which allows him to accommodate the needs of our family. He even usually works from home 1 or 2 days per week and has Fridays off.

We met one evening in San Diego while salsa dancing. We laughed the night away while knocking knees and stepping on toes, but we never let each other go after that.

We live in a 5 bedroom home in a beautiful neighborhood near top rated schools. The room for our new arrival is ready and waiting and our son Porter often asks when his baby sister or brother is coming home.

We love to travel. The passion started when Jason's family, whose parents were missionaries, started taking Jason on missions to Central America. Since we've been married we have visited more than 24 countries together and our son Porter has come with us on every one since he's been around. We think that seeing the world will give our children an open mind and a better perspective.

Jason, Nazima, and Porter


To get to know us even better you can check out some of our travel videos (warning may include singing and dancing ):



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