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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

We would like to begin by saying thank you for taking the time to read our letter & allowing us the opportunity to show you a little bit about our lives. Our hope & prayer is that you will have peace, love, & support while making this decision.

We want you to know how much we admire & respect your bravery. We are already praying for you as you weigh the options in front of you & make the best decisions possible for you & your baby. We admire the love you have for your baby & the courage it takes to consider adoption.

We have known for years that adoption would be part of our story. God laid adoption on our hearts long ago & we are so excited to grow our family in this way. Even though we do have two biological kiddos, we do not feel that our family is complete. We do not have plans to have any more biological kids, but we would be disappointed if we did not have any more children.

We live in Sunnyvale, Texas, just east of Dallas, with our two kids. Our home is on a few acres of land just on the edge of town on a country road. Sunnyvale is a fairly diverse town with great schools and a mix of rural & suburban living. We enjoy a slower pace here, even though we live close to Dallas (about 15 miles from downtown).

We both grew up in North Texas. We met at work in 2008 and began dating soon after Jared invited Leslie to a Mavs/Spurs game. We knew pretty quickly we wanted to marry. After nine months of dating, we married in 2009. We enjoy spending time together in the evenings after the kids are asleep & getting out together for dates, even if it is just for dinner or to run errands.

Jared works in finance for a company in Dallas; for fun, he enjoys playing pick-up basketball, working in the yard & computer gaming. Leslie works part-time as the treasurer for a business owned by her father; she enjoys cooking & baking.

We currently have two children: our son, Preston, is 4 years old, and our daughter, Ryan, is almost 2. Preston is kind, loud, curious, & smart. Ryan is sweet, a snuggler, daring & loves her big brother. Our family is ready for another child, and the kids are thrilled about having a baby brother or sister.

Both of our extended families live in North Texas. Jared's family is about an hour away; we see them about once a month. Leslie's family lives in the DFW metroplex, and we see them throughout the month. We enjoy going to the ranch with Leslie's family. We spend holidays and special occasions with Jared's brother & his family. Leslie's mom loves to spend time with us, and enjoys teaching the kids about nature.

Please know that this child has been prayed for and wanted for a long time, and that they will be covered with love and support, not only by us, but also by our entire community of friends & family. If you are open to it, we are interested in and committed to an open relationship with you whether that means texts, emails, visits, sharing photos or sharing memories. We want our child to know their story and how their life began, and we would welcome your help in sharing that with them.

Our prayer for you is that God will grant you peace as you continue to make an adoption plan for your child. We pray that God will give you strength & clarity as you discern what is best for you & your child. We pray that through this journey, you will know that you and your baby are loved, valued, and a very special part of our lives.

With love,

Jared & Leslie

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