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Domestic Adoption


We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our family!

We are Jared and Tyler: high school sweethearts from St. Louis. After high school, we moved to the same city to attend college. Jared graduated with a degree in Economics. Tyler graduated with a degree in Music. We got married, decided to stay in our college town, and have been married for seven years. We have three biological boys: Thatcher (5), Jettson (3), and Riggins (1). They are sweet, wild, hilarious, mischievous, and a ton of fun.
Jared is on staff at our church and our family is very involved with church activities. As a family, we love to do things outdoors, play sports, and spend time with our friends and family.
We have talked about our desire to adopt before we were even married. After we had Thatch and Jett, we started talking to agencies and found Nightlight. They allowed us to attend classes and ask lots of questions. When we were about to start the adoption process, we found out we were pregnant with Riggs. Now that Riggins is a little older, we have actually been able to start the process!
We have friends who have adopted and their relationships have deeply impacted us. Seeing their families has only confirmed our belief that we have enough space and love to add another child into our lives. Our hope is that our family and home will be a place that is welcoming, comfortable, and fun to anyone who might join us. Between our family and our community at our church, we have an incredible support system. We have many people who are excited to meet and love on any child who joins our family.

Again, thank you,
Jared and Tyler

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