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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mother, First of all, we just want you to know that we consider you such a brave woman for considering adoption for your child. We have tried to put ourselves in your shoes to imagine how scary and life altering this decision is and we can't imagine how you've been feeling the past few months. Please allow us to introduce ourselves! We met in January, 2013 and were married the very next January. It was love at first sight! We were in our mid-20s when we married so we both knew what we were looking for in a spouse. We are similar in many respects, but our differences also make us stronger as a couple.  Two things that are key to our marriage are good communication and laughter. We have two biological boys. Josiah was born in 2017 and David in 2019. As a family we like visiting parks and eating foods from all different cultures. James' hobbies include playing guitar and photography. Elizabeth's interests are trying new recipes, consignment shopping, and walking with friends. Everyone in our family loves to read and listen to music. James is a pastor so church is a huge part of our lives. We have a very loving church family that adores our kids and is excited about us adopting, too. Elizabeth is a nurse but only work a couple days a month so she can spend more time at home with our children. We are able to have biological children, but we believe that adoption is a wonderful endeavor to support our belief that all life is valuable and to demonstrate that we have been adopted by God for no reason in ourselves except that He loves us. We are blessed to have two extended families that support us in this adventure. They can't wait to meet our precious adopted child and welcome him or her into their lives where this child will be treated no differently than any other child born in the family. That is the beauty of adoption. We know that you love your child and want to provide him/her with a family & home that will love and provide for him/her. So we hope that this profile will help you get to know us a little more as you make this challenging decision Please know that we are praying for you, and thank you for considering us as an adoptive family. James & Elizabeth

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