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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,


Our life forever changed four years ago after we met our son’s birthmother. Ryan’s birth was a day of hope, fear, joy, and peace. Ryan’s birth mother chose us to be his parents. We promised to love Ryan and be the best parent’s we could be to him. We also promised to love and respect his birthmother and keep her in our lives. A day does not go by that we do not thank God for Ryan and his birth mom. We continue to have a close relationship with her. We visit with her and her family a few times a year and share pictures regularly. As our child's birthmother, you become a treasured part of our family. It is a special and unique bond between us, and we look forward to the relationship that we will start with you.


We did not know what to expect at the beginning of our adoption journey. We had been suffering years of heartache due to infertility. Adoption has been one of the most perfect examples of God’s love. We are excited to grow our family again through adoption. Our family and friends are thrilled that we are adopting again. They are eager to welcome a new baby into the family. You are reading this letter because you are trying to figure out if adoption is going to be the best choice for you and your child. We hope after reading our letter and hearing our story, you will have an idea of our personalities and the life your child would have with us.


Our names are Jaime and Lori and our son is Ryan. We have been married for 11 years. We met in San Antonio where we were married. We now live in Central Texas. We have a nice home with a big yard. Our neighborhood is family oriented with a lot of children and fun neighborhood activities. Our neighborhood has a huge Halloween and July 4th party. During Christmas, the streets are decorated with festive lights. We are close to many child friendly activities. We visit the zoo, children’s museum, library, and park on a regular basis. You will find us swimming and boating on the lake during the summer. We love to travel, and we look for fun family trips. Our most recent have been Disneyworld and San Antonio.


We love spending time with family and friends. Ryan has five cousins. We love sports especially football, basketball, and baseball. Jaime coaches Ryan’s T-ball team. Ryan loves trains, trucks, and dirt! We have a loyal basset hound, Sadie. She’s old and lovable!


Jaime is a professional mechanical engineer. Lori is a pharmacist. We both feel our number one job is to parent. Our professions are flexible and allow us to be active and involved parents. Jaime works from home and it allows him to be a full time Dad. Lori works shifts at a local pharmacy. This gives her several days off in a row every month. We realize how important our “lazy” time together is to our family bonding.


We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. You are brave and courageous and have a difficult decision ahead of you. Please know that we want you to make the best decision for you and your child. If that choice includes us, we promise to love your child with all of our hearts and to give him or her every opportunity that we possibly can. Thank you for reading our letter. We can’t wait to meet you!


Very truly yours,

Jaime and Lori

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