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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We write this letter with a humbled heart thinking and praying for you as you have hard decisions ahead of you. Adoption is a beautiful thing but it’s also hard and messy and we understand that.  Our names are Hugh and Hollie and we want to take a few minutes to tell you our story. We’ve been married for 6 years and it has been our dream to grow our family through adoption.

We met back in 2004 at a private Christian College in Sothern California. Over the years we became great friends and in 2012 we got married. Hugh graduated from college with a BA in Political Studies and went on to attend and graduate from law school. Hollie graduated with a BA in Social Work. Education is important to both of us and we love to learn and explore new things. 

As soon as we got married Hugh started law school and graduated in 2015. He is currently a practicing attorney in Los Angeles. Hollie has been working for the same University for over 10 years. She is currently working part time from home. It has been a huge blessing as she can make her own hours that work around our family schedule.

We have a great extended family that we are both very close with. Hugh is the oldest of 7 kids and Hollie is the middle child of 3. Between our families there is an abundance of nieces and nephews. Hugh’s siblings live close by and we see them regularly and Hollie’s family is located in another state but thanks to face time we get to see them a few times a week. Hollie’s sister has adopted two children and Hugh’s brother is in the process of adopting. Both of our families love adoption and are in full support of us expanding our family.

Our journey to parenthood has not been an easy road. We tried for four years to have biological children and after two miscarriages and two premature births where our boys didn’t survive we were excited to begin the adoption process. We were matched with a birth mom in early 2017 and our daughter Hattie was born in March of that year. To say she has been our greatest gift is an understatement. We had a great experience with Hattie’s adoption and grew to love her birth mom. We think and pray for her often and are so thankful for this gift she gave to us. She made us a mom and dad and we could not be more thankful for that.

Some of our favorite family activities are going on walks, getting together with friends, game nights, traveling and hanging out with our extended families. Going to the zoo has become a fast favorite as well.

The foundation for our family is our love for God and belief in Jesus Christ. Our faith has sustained us through the loss of our two little boys, losing both of our dads, the highs and lows of law school and moving across Country away from our friends and family. This all happened in a five year span but through all of it our faith was increased and God gave us peace and joy through it all. Despite these hard challenges God has also blessed us in many ways. He has given us a strong marriage, the sweetest daughter, wonderful jobs, a great family and amazing friends. We have grateful hearts for all the blessings that He has brought our way.

We know you have many big decisions ahead of you and pray that God gives you the courage and wisdom to navigate all of them.

Thanks for reading our story and considering us for your little one. – Hugh and Hollie

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