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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,   We do not yet know you, but we are grateful to you, admire you, and respect you.  There is no greater love than sacrificially giving life to another.  Thank you for giving your baby a chance at life by choosing to give birth.  However, you are now faced with an unimaginably difficult decision regarding adoption.  Birth mothers carry their babies for all of those long months and then entrust those precious lives to the care of others.  What a gift of love!  

When we had trouble conceiving after the birth of our daughter, we began seeking other options.  So, we joyfully believe that God is wanting us to pursue adoption.  By adopting, we are not just excited about growing our family but also being a blessing to you, the birth family, if you should choose us.  

Jonathan and I spent several years as missionaries in Ethiopia.  Currently, we are working in the U.S. to minister to Internationals in South Carolina.  Jonathan and I love that our work connects us to diverse people, especially Ethiopians.  We plan to return to Ethiopia after this assignment, but we remain open and flexible, however the future unfolds. 

Regardless of where we live, Jonathan (a Bible teacher) will remain in full-time ministry, and I will remain a stay-at-home mom.  Although I have enjoyed working as a nurse-midwife, I have found a passion and gifting for being home with our daughter.  We have begun home-schooling her this school year.  We enjoy investing in her and watching her blossom, as we would with any children entrusted to our care.  Our extended family is excited about the prospect of us bringing another child into the family through adoption, as seven of our extended family members are adopted.  Our family completely supports us, and although we live at a distance, we are personally close and visit with them multiple times a year.  Eight of our family members have even visited us in Ethiopia.  

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and view our profile.  We would be privileged to talk with you in person or over the phone.  It is our hope to have an open relationship with the birth family that chooses us, if that is their desire.  We are willing to work together with the birth family to decide how the details of an open relationship would work best for everyone involved.  The idea of adoption is a godly one, and – regardless of what you choose – we commend you for considering adoption to provide for the unborn baby that you love. 

With Gratitude and Prayers for You,                                                                

Jonathan and Jenny

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