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Domestic Adoption

Thank you for considering us to parent your child if adoption is the path you choose to take. We are in awe of your bravery and love for your baby, to put their well-being being above your own- a true act of sacrificial love.   We hope this book gives you a glance into our lives. We hope this book portrays our lives are all about faith, family, and adventure.  

Family time is so important to us! As a family, we make it a point to create memories that will last a lifetime. Our most fun of the year is our annual summer trip to Idaho! We get to do some adventurous things there, like riding UTVs and boating, finding a great swimming hole, and even discovering waterfalls together! We also love our “second home” in Arizona, where we get to go throughout the year for weekend getaways and go swimming, boating, and hanging out with grandma and papa. Back in California, we are very involved in our church, so doing all the great events that they have to offer keeps us really busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our fun in our hometown includes hiking together, playing sports, hosting game nights and parties with our friends and family- pretty much any excuse to get people together. When it’s just the four of us, we love to play in our backyard- jumping on the trampoline, filling up the kiddie pool and playing with water toys in the summer, and climbing the “mountain” in our backyard. When we can’t go out, we love to do crafts together and have dance parties in our living room.  

We want to form and build the relationship with you with an open heart and are willing to adjust to meet whatever is in the best interest in the baby. We promise to love and raise your child in the Lord to the best of our ability, as well as honoring and embracing their heritage, ethnicity and culture.   It has always been a dream of ours, since we were first dating, to have two biological children and then adopt. Something that we didn’t know how or when would come to fruition, but are now beyond excited to have the doors begin to open of adopting our third child, whoever he or she may be.  

We want you to know how much love and respect we have for you. We pray for you and the baby daily, specifically for your health, wisdom, and peace during this process. We pray that you will find in us all that you could hope for your baby.   Love,   Adam & Hayley


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